oleksiy matsuka

No matter their allegiance, Ukraine's politicians are ignoring LGBT rights Published on 29 March 2019... Homophobic statements by Ukraine's leading politicians create atmosphere for LGBT community — and block public discussion... ..

poland's ruling party picks lgbt rights as election

WARSAW - Poland's ruling nationalist party aims to stem in its ahead of two key elections this year with warnings that opposition support for LGBT education is threat to Polish culture and should be blocked wherever possible... ... Some analysts said PiS decision to zero in on LGBT..

lgbt elders march on washington

OF SUPPORT FOR ERLSD, FOR LGBT -- ELDERS, FOR LGBT ELDERS FOR. SITUATION FOR LGBT ELDERS. >> WHAT ARE THE COST ARGUMENTS. ... TAGS Americans, DC, elderly, LGBT, Senior, washington. MetroFocus is made possible by James and Merryl Tisch, Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III,..

lgbt politics after marriage

First, that greater of LGBT people has opened up space for the development of LGBT section of the ruling class, and for a moderate version of LGBT politics that reflects the experiences of that social layer. ... United States has also seen the rise of LGBT voices such..

lgbt liberation: build a broad movement

The ISR's SHERRY WOLF, author of Sexuality and Socialism History, Politics, and Theory of LGBT Liberation, interviewed him... ... ONE OF the interesting things to me about the course of the gay and lesbian, and now LGBT movement, is that the periods when activism has dominated the..

committee for a workers' international

The failure of Taiwan's pro- LGBT November last year does not represent the end of the equality and LGBT Taiwan and we need to rebuild LGBT movement against further attacks. ... After the referendum, pro- LGBT legislators from DPP and the leadership of LGBT..

gay and jewish – harry's place

It's also worth mentioning that while LGBT people are protected Israel Homosexuality is Gaza, and LGBT people in West Bank are without any protection. LGBT people who care about Palestine should spend their time raising awareness of the plight of LGBT people. ..

malawi: arrests, violence against lgbt people

The 61-page report, 'Let Posterity Judge Violence and Discrimination against LGBT People Malawi, shows how the lack of clarity about the legal status of same-sex conduct leaves LGBT people vulnerable to arbitrary arrests, violence, and discrimination. The law criminalizing same-sex..

us congress rejects anti-lgbt adoption amendment

Robert Aderholt, would have forced the government to fund adoption and foster care agencies that discriminate against LGBT people for religious or moral reasons by refusing them services.. ... Our research has documented how these types of religious or moral exemptions function allowing..

post-election, what lies ahead for lgbt rights?

Donald Trump has would like to overturn national same-sex marriage rights, and as Indiana's, Mike Pence championed what some saw as anti- LGBT measures.. ... She added that, since its founding in 1973, Lambda Legal has seen continued progress in securing LGBT rights, even during hostile..

attacks on lgbt people on kenya's coast

LGBT individuals that the aftermath of Kwale case summarized above, has further diminished the little trust LGBT Kenyans on the coast have in Kenyan authorities.. ... Human Rights Watch and PEMA Kenya are grateful to LGBT people Mombasa, Malindi, Kilifi, Mtwapa, Diani, Ukunda,..

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