geneva / lebanon detainee death

The tragic death of Hassan Dika highlights what appears to be number of very serious failings Lebanon's and prison systems. ... The tragic death of Hassan Dika highlights what appears to be number of very serious failings Lebanon's and prison systems, OHCHR Rupert Colville read Geneva..

lebanon: refer torture case to civilian court

Human Rights Watch has found that Lebanon's military courts do not respect due process rights and that their structure undermines the right to fair trial, including the right to be tried before competent, independent, and impartial court and the right to public hearing. ..

us/israel planning syria-type war in lebanon?

Hezbollah is significant part of Lebanon's government, aiming for peace, stability and security, its polar opposite US Israeli policies.. Separately Lebanese President Michael Aoun received US- Israeli document, detailing plans for creating Lebanon with flag operations and Israeli..

asia/lebanon - aoun thanks putin also for supporting

During the meeting, Aoun invited Russian President to visit Lebanon. ... Michel Aoun and many other Lebanese leaders reiterate that in their opinion Western countries take no account of the vital needs of Lebanon regarding the presence on their national territory of more than one..

beirut: the paris of the middle east?

Nabih Berri, Lebanon's Parliament Speaker, called on Arab League economic summit scheduled to take place Beirut at the end of the month, to be postponed due to Lebanon's failure to agree on government. At the birth of Lebanon in 1943, National Pact established allocation of seats..

asia/lebanon: statistical projections: the demographic

Beirut - Accredited international scientific studies on the demographic changes Lebanon show that the decline of Christian component will stop in the coming decades. The reassuring statistics regarding the demographic size of Christians Lebanon are contained in the yearbook of..

presstv-aoun vows to resolve lebanon govt. impasse

In this file picture, Secretary General of Hezbollah resistance Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah meets with Foreign Minister and Free Patriotic Movement Gebran Bassil Beirut, Lebanon.. Lebanon's Hezbollah says PM-designate Saad Hariri should start dialog with Sunni lawmakers to remove barriers to..

lebanon: discriminatory nationality law

Lebanon should amend law to ensure that children and spouses of Lebanese women have the same right to Human Rights Watch said today.. ... Lebanon is far behind some other countries in Middle East and North Africa region, including Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, and Tunisia, all of. ..

lebanon army tightens grip on daesh near syria

Lebanon army tightens grip on Daesh near Syria. Picture taken on August 17, 2017, during tour guided by Lebanese Army, shows soldiers holding in area near the village of Ras Baalbek during operation against terrorists Lebanon's army has recaptured more areas from Daesh Takfiri terror group..

the fog of war: lebanon and iraq

We believe those behind the attack have two clear goals to disrupt Lebanon's security and to distract international attention from the efforts to establish special for Lebanon. We will not tolerate attempts by Syria, terrorist groups or any others to delay or derail Lebanon's..

lebanon may now be a branch of hezbollah

Hezbollah, often using World War II-vintage rockets, has demonstrated the inadequacy of Israel's policy of disengagement -- from Lebanon, Gaza, much of West Bank -- behind fence. ... Regarding force now, U.N merely expresses its intention to consider in resolution further enhancements of U.N..

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