lebanon: a revolution redefining a country

Informal community led alternatives that bypass the centres of in all sectors will have the impact of safeguarding the endurance of the revolution while weakening the establishment and providing true to the failed economic and political model that has led Lebanon to its current economic crisis.. ..

is lebanon sliding again into civil war?

Illustrative of the stalemate reached in Lebanese crisis, consider the reaction of Arab states to Sudan and Lebanon. ... It would overturn Taif Agreement of 1989, which served as the basis for the ending of the war and the return to political normalcy Lebanon... ..

lebanon protesters to form nationwide human chain

Lebanon's reviled elite has been defending belated package of economic reforms and appeared willing to reshuffle the government, and protesters. ... After dusk, Martyrs Square Beirut and other protest hubs Lebanon turn into vast, open ground where protesters dance, sing or organise..

anti-government protests rage in lebanon

demonstrator holds Lebanese Lebanon, October 23, 2019... demonstrator holding Lebanese flag takes part in anti-government protest outside Government Palace Beirut, Lebanon, October 23, 2019... ... Demonstrators carry Lebanese flags and banner depicting Lebanon's Central Bank..

geneva / lebanon detainee death

The tragic death of Hassan Dika highlights what appears to be number of very serious failings Lebanon's and prison systems. ... The tragic death of Hassan Dika highlights what appears to be number of very serious failings Lebanon's and prison systems, OHCHR Rupert Colville read Geneva..

us/israel planning syria-type war in lebanon?

According to Russian to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin, conflict between Israel and its neighbor is possible - despite how Hezbollah forces humiliated IDF during 2006 Israeli against the country.. ... Hezbollah is significant part of Lebanon's government, aiming for peace, stability and..

lebanon: discriminatory nationality law

Lebanon should amend law to ensure that children and spouses of Lebanese women have the same right to Human Rights Watch said today.. ... Lebanon is far behind some other countries in Middle East and North Africa region, including Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Yemen, and Tunisia, all of. ..

iraq, lebanon nix hezbollah blacklisting

Iraq, Lebanon defy fellow Arab League states over Hezbollah . Fri Mar 11, 2016 6:20PM . . . . . ... (AFP photo) Iraq and Lebanon have refused to go along with a decision by fellow Arab League members to declare Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance movement a 'terrorist' group. . ..

'[p]gcc not after protecting lebanon'

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary of Lebanese resistance Hezbollah, says the Arab member states of Gulf Cooperation Council,  do not have the interests of Lebanon in mind. . ... The secretary of Hezbollah also addressed the tension that has been bubbling up between Saudi Arabia and..

the fog of war: lebanon and iraq

We believe those behind the attack have two clear goals to disrupt Lebanon's security and to distract international attention from the efforts to establish special for Lebanon. We will not tolerate attempts by Syria, terrorist groups or any others to delay or derail Lebanon's..

lebanon may now be a branch of hezbollah

Hezbollah, often using World War II-vintage rockets, has demonstrated the inadequacy of Israel's policy of disengagement -- from Lebanon, Gaza, much of West Bank -- behind fence. ... Regarding force now, U.N merely expresses its intention to consider in resolution further enhancements of U.N..

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