lebanon: discriminatory nationality law

In the interim, Ministries of Labor, Health, and Education should adopt and publicize decisions treating spouses and children of Lebanese on par with Lebanese citizens, to ensure they are not denied basic rights and services.. ... On August, Progressive Socialist Party announced..

‘arsal operation decided solely by hezbollah’

Arsal operation was decided by Hezbollah, in speech on Wednesday, making reference to Lebanese town. By liberating key positions from the militants, Elaborating on the significance of the operation, the area that straddles Lebanese- Syrian border was known for its harsh geographical..

executive magazine

The quest of trying to depict the 2018 outlook on investment opportunities from the Lebanese corner reminds in some respects of the 20-year old hit comedy on American mob, Analyze This. ..

lebanese leader pleads for war's end

And two Israeli soldiers were killed heavy fighting in Lebanese of Bint Jbail, the military said. It was one of the deadliest days for Lebanese in nearly four weeks of fighting, higher than on Friday, when at least 32 Lebanese civilians and two Lebanese army soldiers..

main street protest hears both sides

SOUTH BEND -- Waving American, Palestinian and Lebanese flags on Sunday afternoon, some 50 people protested the hundreds of lives lost to the two-week-old, U.S. ... Israeli bombing began when Hezbollah, Lebanese group with in Lebanese government, kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. ..

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