labour: no collaboration with capitalist parties!

In Brecon and Radnorshire by-election taking place today, for example, Greens and Plaid standing aside order to prevent Tory or Brexit Party victory, and to marginalise Labour. Having lost their grip over Tory Party and Labour Party, the ruling class is seeking to regain control of the..

ministry of labour and the wage crisis

THE Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity recently renamed as Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment is one of the oldest ministries in Nigeria. ... Later a Ministry of Labour was created in addition to the Department of Labour, and the two were merged on April..

labour can’t win without leave voters

Following Labour's in EU elections, coming third behind Liberal Democrats with just 13.6 cent of the vote, the leadership has come under intense pressure from Labour figures and its membership to take more explicitly pro- Remain stance. But aside from the moral implications of campaigning..

history – democratic labour party

Democratic Labour Party began in 1955 and was part of Australian Labor Party before that date. ... In 1957 it became Australian Democratic Labor Party, then Democratic Labor Party of Australia, and in 2013 it became Democratic Labour Party.  . ..

presstv-uk labour, anti-eu parties surge amid brexit

UK's Labour Party and groups supporting clean break from European Union are surging in the polls as failure of the Conservative to Brexit has led to in the country.. ... That comes as Stephen Dorrell, pro- EU and minister, announced his resignation from the party on Sunday and would join group of..

labour representation committee

We have brought forward Labour deal to protect jobs and the economy and have kept the prospect of public vote on the table as option.. ... Soubry and Umunna ploy exposed that even with Labour whipped votes, the motion for People's Vote would have been lost. ..

debate on labour and antisemitism

While smash Israel politics are the root of some contemporary left antisemitism, much of the antisemitism now expressed in Labour Party has relationship to any policy on Israel Palestine and is expressed in far more primitive form, via conspiracy theories about. ... by Arab or Islamic states or..

brex-split: seven lawmakers quit labour over eu,

Labour MP Chuka Umunna, center, speaks to the media during press conference with group of six other Labour MPs, London, Monday, Feb 18, 2019. ... Those leaving Labour have between nine and 27 years experience Parliament and represent constituencies across England and still make..

us labour market remains fairly robust

good measure of the strength of the labour market is Employment-Population ratio given that the movements are relatively unambiguous because the population is not particularly sensitive to the cycle .. ... The unemployment rate rose December despite the employment growth because the..

between labour and the law

By similar level of solidarity for workers engaged in non, the level of international support for labour rights Myanmar by International Labour Organisation, for example, or Clean Clothes Campaign has not been labour struggles. ..

govt to review labour agreement with qatar

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has has finalised the schedule to hold two meetings on the issue between Nepal and Qatar in near future... ... The agreement will authorise the responsible authorities of both the countries to labour related issues and resolve them..

labour and reselection: the panic last time

In leading article, Guardian then pointed out the character of many Labour parties. ... By college made up of, The Reg Prentice affair was one of the most publicised early examples of movement within Labour Party, and it encouraged the movement for the introduction of mandatory..

« labour uncut

couple of times Nick Clegg washes my mouth out with soap made the point that trying to squeeze more out of the wealthy was difficult and he was Deputy PM for five years as they tended to move. ..

new zealand labour party marks its centenary

The leaders of Social Democratic Party, the United Labour Party and the trade unions, supported New Zealand's into World War I. ... Firstly, Little praised Labour Party's to nuclear weapons testing, culminating in David Lange government's 1987 legislation to make New Zealand free. ..

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