labor law reform is essential

Gupta, Lerner, and McCartin are right to bemoan the grim turn of labor history in United States over the last decades, while celebrating the new energy in the movement and on the left... ... Lewis, despite National Labor Relations Act's protection of such activity.. ..

women staging a labor force comeback

This increase was driven by the entrance of millions of women into the labor force 59.9 percent were employed or searching for employment in 2000. ... In part due to the ongoing strengthening of the labor market, both prime-age labor force participation and prime-age..

the labor movement and healthcare reform

The East Side Freedom Library, collaboration with the University of Minnesota's Labor Education Service and New Brookwood Labor College, invite you to conversation. The Labor Movement and Healthcare. more.. The East Side Freedom Library, collaboration with the University of..

tax cuts and wage growth boost labor participation

With the tax cuts, there has been big increase labor force participation of people over 55, adding that job opportunities and increase in wages have also helped the trend.. ... For decades, the labor force participation provided sizable boost to expansion, thanks to the emergence of the..

british labor part splits in revolt against corbyn

British Labor part splits revolt against Corbyn. 75 Views. Seven MPs have quit UK Labor Party in protest against Jeremy Corbyn's leadership and his policies on Brexit and anti-Semitism.. ... member, Dame Margaret Hodge,  said she is staying in Labor Party, although her reason..

labor holds primary with dual peace-social slogan

Labor holds primary with dual peace-social slogan. 82 Views. Some 60,000 registered Labor members turn out Monday at 10 a.m to elect Knesset list, as its Avi Gabbay fights to recover from single-digit ratings. ... Labor has also fallen back under the impact of Hosan Le'Yisrael..

latino immigrants and the labor movement

Whether it was Russian workers in the century who survived the revolution, whether it was Italian anarchists of the 1920s, or the Latin American immigrants of the 1990s and 2000, they injected new life into American labor movement.. ... The campaigns of Justice for Janitors California, SEIU Local..

the switch to female factory labor

In industry, employers can afford to set up labor markets that reward tenure with wage increases. Labor-intensive industries, however, cannot afford to set up this kind of labor market, provide fewer opportunities or incentives for wage increases, and thus increase the turnover..

iran: prominent labor activist rearrested

The arrests of Ismael Bakhshi, labor rights activist, and Sepideh Gholian, journalist and labor rights activist, came the day after Iranian state television broadcast confessions that they were forced to make in detention. .. ..

are unions the same as “labor”?

Labor pushes to protect California ruling that redefines who is employee, reads the in The December 3 story refers to organized labor and its allies, court decision on independent contractors. Unions are not the same as labor and better described employee unions had been..

labor force characteristics of people with a disability :

Unemployed people age 65 and older were more likely to be reentrants to the labor force than people ages 16 to 64, and they were less likely to be new entrants than their younger counterparts .. With support from Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy, questions to..

congress floods white-collar labor markets

In these high-immigrant occupations, there are still 16.5 million natives — accounting for one out of eight natives in the labor force. there are just 24 occupations out of 474 in. ... For example, the 2016 report on immigration by National Academy of Sciences reported that Americans lose 5.2..

uae: extend labor law to domestic workers

On December 17, 2016, Council of Ministers assigned Human Resources and Emiratization Ministry formerly Labor Ministry to oversee the recruitment and employment of domestic workers beginning in 2017, Emirates News Agency reported. ..

fsu professor wins innovation prize for preterm labor

James Olcese Florida State University professor who invented sleep mask that will help women stave off preterm labor has won Cade Museum Prize for innovation.. ... Additional research conducted with late-term pregnant volunteers at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital found that their melatonin levels..

scott jackson headed to dol, dennis murphy to dmv

By going outside the ranks of organized labor for commissioner of labor by naming former, Malloy is breaking with practice Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson, one of three personnel moves the administration made Monday.. ... But the governor said his team of Palmer and Murphy, was mix of..

dennis murphy named acting labor commissioner

Connecticut lost 3,500 jobs November Department of Labor reported Thursday... By going outside the ranks of organized labor for commissioner of labor by naming former, Malloy is breaking with practice Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson, one of several key personnel moves made Monday. ..

ilo wants greece to restore labor rights

ILO Wants Greece to Restore Labor Rights.  The International Labor Organization, through it's committee of Freedom of Association, has complained that new austerity measures violate the rights of workers, as Greek court also ruled and was ignored.. ... Its aim to is to oversee the..

iran: new arrests of labor activists

Authorities arrested Zamani on June 7, 2011, connection with his activities as member of independent painters syndicate and member of Committee to Pursue Establishment of Labor Unions. ... According to Iranian media reports, Amani, labor rights Sanandaj and member of Iran Free Workers..

workers urge labor law reform

Workers and union leaders rallied outside National Labor Relations Board offices Hartford and other cities Thursday to push for reform of labor laws they say tilt too much toward employers... ... In March, the administration named 10-member commission to consider overhaul of the 60-year..

k-12 : history of bls : u.s. bureau of labor statistics

Results from the study influenced the in 1911 of in Bureau of Labor to conduct studies relating to the condition of in United States and also the creation of the Children's Bureau in 1917. ... Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor in Roosevelt and the first-ever woman Cabinet member,..


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