kurds destroy islamic state, prepare for war vs. turkey

Practically SDF consists of Kurdish and women fighters led by People's Protection Units, Kurdish militia declared organization by Turkey and its dictator, Recip Tayyip Erdogan.. Fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces stand atop roof next to their unfurled flag at in the village of Baghouz..

examing the revolution in rojava

In early 2012, the military wings of PYD, took control of three Kurdish-majority, geographically noncontiguous cantons Afrin, Jazira, and Kobani.. ... Lastly and perhaps most importantly, the authors disconnect Rojava and the struggle for Kurdish from Syrian revolution. ..


In earlier this month, number of Ankara-backed militants were killed and wounded in military raid by Kurdish forces Afrin.. Kurdish fighters during their military operations against Turkish Army and its affiliated militants Afrin region pounded Turkey-backed militants positions and..

the us must not abandon the kurds again

In recent interview with Intercept's Jeremy Scahill, Noam Chomsky urged United States to defend its Kurdish allies Syria... ... Kurdish Arin Sheikhmos argues that US forces are deterrent against SDF's powerful enemies, and he sees ominous parallel between situation and American duplicity...

center for american progress

United States in turn saw the limits of Kurdish loyalty when leaders Irbil ignored Washington's pleas to delay the referendum and then opposed U.S. ... patchwork of competing militias, coexists uneasily in areas that Iraqi security forces and Kurdish peshmerga control. ..

barham saleh elected iraq president

BAGHDAD - Moderate Kurdish Barham Saleh to the post of president of Iraq Tuesday evening in parliamentary vote pitting Kurdish heavyweights against each other for the time following independence referendum.. Saleh routed his main Fuad Hussein with 219 votes to 22, dealing blow to Hussein's..

us urges iraqi kurds to delay independence vote

The date is standing, Sept 25, no change, Iraqi Kurdish official... ... His remarks came after Barzani announced in Twitter that the northern territory would hold September in the three provinces that make up Kurdish and in the areas that are disputed by Kurdish and Iraqi..

threats without and contradictions within

Kurdish nationalist movements. Thousands demonstrate for Kurdish Kirkuk Similarly, Syria in the territories controlled by PYD, Syrian of PKK, many popular demonstrations celebrated the victory of the yes in several cities such as Qamishli, Amouda and Derik .. ... Conclusion The victory..

turkey: crackdown on kurdish opposition

While there had been 182 such applications against MPs from pro- Kurdish parties over the period from 2007 to December 24, 2015, 328 were filed in the period between December 2015 and May 2016, 152 of them in the month after the government submitted the amendment and before the final vote on May..

‘iraqi kurdish referendum could spark war’

The comments came day after Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu met Barzani Iraq to express Ankara's serious concerns about September 25 vote on Kurdish independence. Cavusoglu also conveyed Turkey's opposition to Kurdish independence vote, ethnic group which has historical and..

betrayal on all sides

BLACK SMOKE hangs over Kurdish of Kobanê Syria, visible from Turkish border, as people organized into Kurdish People's Protection Unit make their stand against forces of Islamic State Iraq and Syria .. ... For example, Kurdish Iraq has been the steadfast ally of U.S government..

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