doj bloodhounds on the scent of john brennan

Despite the theory having been put to rest, many Americans, including members of Congress, right and left, continue to accept the evidence-impoverished, media-cum- former-intelligence-officer meme that Kremlin interfered massively in the 2016 presidential election.. ... Kremlin is..

rumors of war: washington is looking for a fight

Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act of 2019, is numbered S-1189. ... By creating new policy offices on cyber defenses and sanctions, The legislation establishes policy response to better position the US government to address Kremlin aggression coordination. ..

lebanese president meets putin in moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Lebanese President Michel Aoun at Kremlin Moscow, Russia March 26, 2019. Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Lebanese President Michel Aoun at Kremlin Moscow, Russia March 26, 2019... ..

american russophobia in the age of liberal decline

On many occasions, US officials and members of the political class have compared the actions of Vladimir Putin with those of Adolf Hitler and portrayed Kremlin's style of government the reward of political cronies, and on military abroad. Obama administration downplayed DNC hacking by..

russia waging war on the west?

According to WaPo, Kremlin on West began when Russia invaded Georgia Eastern European country invaded by no one.. ... Post-WW II, the US meddled in scores of elections worldwide Russian Federation in none, nor has Kremlin tried toppling sitting governments, longstanding US specialty,..

us anti-russia legislation

One bill targeted Vladimir Putin over February 2015 killing of opposition figure Boris Nemtsov lethally shot multiple times in Moscow, Russia's leader had nothing to do with, nor any other Kremlin official.. ... On Wednesday, Republican and Dem senators introduced the Defending American Security..

us-russian ‘meddling’

Russiagate allegations of collusion between candidate and then President Donald Trump and Kremlin have poisoned American politics for nearly three years. At the core of Russiagate narrative is the allegation that Kremlin meddled in the 2016 US election. ..

kristol a kremlin agent? shady outfit claims term

Anyone using the term 'neocon is doing Kremlin's bidding, shadowy outfit that sees Russian agents everywhere, in its quest to police media on behalf of the ruling US establishment.. ... The burning question now everyone's mind is how such luminaries of neoconservatism from Irving and Bill Kristol..

russian meddling in israeli elections?

Pardo lied saying Kremlin decided Trump would best serve its interests, claiming it used system for the length of the elections, and ran him for president perversion of truth, not shred of evidence backing it.. ... In December, Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova mocked the notion of..

orthodox church facing schism

Polityka sees Russian against Ukrainian Orthodox Church under way and suspects it's the result of Kremlin's domestic machinations.. ... After the meeting between Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis 2016 Kremlin's propaganda machine celebrated the coming together of the most powerful..

u.s.-russia tensions escalate in syria

Fox News, citing three U.S officials, reported that Kremlin has deployed advanced anti-missile system to Syria for the first time... ... Days President Barack Obama predicted that efforts by Kremlin and Iran to prop up Syrian dictator would fail.. ..

a warning shot for putin

the electoral results are undoubtedly signal to Putin and his political protégé, President Dmitry Medvedev, that Russian voters will not follow wherever Kremlin leads, reality they do not portend seismographic shifts in Russian political landscape.. ... True enough -- and what they fail to..

russian leader fires mayor of moscow

MOSCOW -- Russian President Dmitry Medvedev fired Moscow's on Tuesday, three weeks into high-level public spat that analysts said exposed battle for inside Kremlin. ... But analysts said from the outset that the campaign against him was less about his management of Russia's than battle for in..

critics say putin's party victory was manipulated

Pro-Kremlin youth activists accused United States of planning to incite thieves and traitors to seize key public buildings and squares, and urged the crowd at Monday to help thwart the attempt. ... The opposition party to make it into parliament, Communists, trailed with just 11.6 percent of the..

putin's party garners more than 60% of vote

The vote followed Kremlin campaign that relied on combination of persuasion and intimidation to ensure victory for United Russia party and for Putin, ive position on the global stage.. ... Several opposition leaders accused Kremlin of rigging the vote, and Bush administration called for..

russia, iran nuclear moves raise tensions

The document broadens Kremlin's authority to use nuclear weapons and accuses United States of trying to weaken Russia and become the dominant power.. Ensuring the National Security of Russia, the doctrine would allow Kremlin to use nuclear forces to oppose any attack, whether..


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