profile of abdel fattah al-sisi

Coupled between roundups of numerous multinationals, including Americans, and American intelligence agencies uncovering a scheme in which Egypt had been allowing North Korea to use their embassy in Cairo as a base for selling North Korean weapons in the Middle East and Africa (Egypt and North Korea..

uss billings damaged

The self-propelled system, development of which began March 2014, has met all the requirements set by South Korean military following final tests and evaluations. ... Developed for the Republic of Korea Army by South Korean companies under $35.7 million, the mortar system has strike..

has the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transsexual agenda worked?

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un in an official state visit from June 20–21. ... Wang Sheng, a professor at Jilin University in northeastern China, told the Wall Street Journal that “President Xi’s visit highlights the crucial role that China plays..

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