rerun of israeli elections?

Following Knesset elections or if he informs him earlier that he wo not be able to form government the president will assign the job of forming government to member of Knesset. ... He could fail, Knesset dissolved with new elections to follow, or he could fail twice over —..

farcical israeli elections

On April, Israelis go to the polls to elect 120 Knesset members from 39 parties. ... Knesset shall be elected by general, national, direct, equal, secret and proportional elections, accordance with Knesset Elections Law.  . ..

the nation-state law under attack -

In response to this, Knesset considered for period of years passed, the  Basic Law Israel. ... This would create constitutional crisis that would set Court directly against the majority of Knesset, PM and cabinet, and the majority of Israeli citizens. ..

netanyahu’s likud party votes for knesset slate

Netanyahu's Likud party votes for Knesset slate. 53 Views. Some 135,000 registered Likud members are eligible to cast their ballots at 131 polling stations between 10 am and Tuesday in the primary for Knesset slate for April election. ... Among them are Knesset Speaker Yuli..

israel’s “gatekeepers” vs. democracy

Rather he insisted that Zilber would continue to represent his office and through it, Justice Ministry before Knesset and anywhere else he wishes her to go.. ... Paragraph 21 of Basic Law Knesset empowers Knesset committees to summon public official to appear before them, and..


Benjamin Netanyahu, chairman of Likud Party, pledged to fight the agreement both in and outside Knesset, Israel's parliament.. ... Foreign Minister Shimon Peres dismissed the campaign although Knesset is expected to start debating Thursday.. ..


Israel ...

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