review: uwe johnson’s “anniversaries, vol. i”

We hardly need to leave to buy anything we want, whether we’re in the mood for Japanese beer, Kamchatka king crabs, Irish honey, Dusseldorf mustard, or Dresden stolen. ... Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination followed by race riots and anti-war protests, eventually juxtaposed to..

dr. king's bold case for economic equality

Martin Luther King, Jr seems to be the safe and embodiment of the best of Black history to those. ... Indeed, Jobs, mobility, and access to the highest levels of influence within the world, are as crucial to establishing parity as the civil rights that King fought and died for. ..

pet sematary - movie review

There may be more iconic Stephen King books than Pet Sematary, but almost none of his works so thoroughly captures the imagination of non-King readers. ... There’s more than enough here to please horror enthusiasts and die-hard King fans alike. . ..

yes, virginia: hitler really was a socialist

'left' political spectrum likely dates to the French Revolution and had to do with which side of the King's throne courtiers and lords were seated. At that time, those Loyal to the King were on the 'right' and those who favored the people's independence and Democracy would be on the 'left'..

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