roberts and kavanaugh keep voting together

By desire to avoid public controversy others, Kavanaugh's choices to side with the in nearly every case was influenced, such as former Clarence Thomas Wendy Long, that any Roberts- Kavanaugh alliance is imagined... ... We're just over two dozen cases into bench that's likely to include..

impeach justice kavanaugh?

they'll impeach Justice Kavanaugh, at mass rally Iowa last week.. From the start, I thought Kavanaugh was lousy pick for the Court on Fourth Amendment unreasonably fond of extraconstitutional privileges for president.  ... But any attempt to impeach Justice Kavanaugh would have..

about marcia coyle

'Uproarious Laughter Haunts Ford From Alleged Kavanaugh Attack. I just want opportunity, fair process said Kavanaugh, from the women were coming from... 3 Things Kavanaugh Did not Want to Talk About Fox News Interview. I just want opportunity, fair process said..

law professors divided on kavanaugh clerkships

Still, with the controversy surrounding Kavanaugh's appointment, professors at Law School are divided on whether they would write recommendation letters for students looking to clerk for Kavanaugh in the future.. ... Jackson was one of 18 former female clerks of Kavanaugh to..

presstv-us senate confirms kavanaugh amid protests

Saturday development came while massive crowd of protesters converged in front of Supreme Court building shouting anti-Kavanaugh slogans. ... According to local press reports, Kavanaugh's confirmation vote marked the closest margin of victory for Supreme Court nominee and one of the..

kavanaugh confirmed to u.s. supreme court

Kavanaugh's confirmation appeared except guaranteed given his glittering resume, conservative credentials and Republican in Senate.. ... Kavanaugh will now take Justice Anthony Kennedy's seat on Supreme Court, becoming Trump on the high court after Justice Neil Gorsuch. ..


Senators Orrin Hatch and Ben Cardin spoke about the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for U.S. ... Senator Leahy spoke about the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh and was critical of the recently released FBI report. ..

christine ford vs. brett kavanaugh

To hear GOP and GOP-friendly commentators, both Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh are highly credible... Of course, that Ford was telling the truth when she claimed that she was assaulted by Judge Kavanaugh.  ..

why is kavanaugh still a candidate for scotus?

by sticking with Kavanaugh, and making the confirmation about Kavanaugh, and not just about putting justice on Court, Republicans could very well be shooting themselves in the foot. and if he does not have the votes Republicans will probably campaign on how Kavanaugh was..

gop fears political fallout from kavanaugh turmoil

Should they Kavanaugh lifetime appointment to the highest court Republicans risk enraging the women they need to preserve their House majority. ... GOP-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines Friday to send Kavanaugh's to Senate, al understanding that FBI would..

high drama as kavanaugh, ford hearing underway

the lawyer for Deborah Ramirez, who says Kavanaugh exposed to her at party raised her profile in round of television interviews.. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., all week that Republicans will turn to committee vote on Kavanaugh after the hearing. ..

us senate: halt us supreme court nomination vote

The US Senate Judiciary Committee scheduled vote on appointing Brett Kavanaugh to US Supreme Court for Friday, Kavanaugh assaulted in 1982 testifies before Congress... In August, ahead of Kavanaugh's nomination hearing, Human Rights Watch issued extensive analysis of..

kavanaugh salvages his nomination

Democrats argued today to give FBI chance to investigate Blasey-Ford's 36-year-old charge that Kavanaugh attempted to raped her at Maryland party. ... Patrick Leahy set the partisan tone, harking back to Kavanaugh's yearbook, athletic and community service accomplishments. ..

more victims as kavanaugh hearing looms

Diane Feinstein, ranking member of Senate Judiciary Committee, dropped her bombshell Sept 14, detailing Blasey-Ford's of Kavanaugh's attempted rape in 1982, Democrats thought they had bulletproof way to sabotage Kavanaugh's nomination.. ... Only Republicans on Committee will question..

new accusation rocks kavanaugh nomination

Dianne Feinstein of California, Democrat on Judiciary Committee, called for the immediate postponement of any further action on Kavanaugh's nomination.. ... Even before the latest turns, the carefully negotiated hearing at Senate Judiciary Committee with Kavanaugh and Ford carried..

democrats struggle with kavanaugh accusation

In July, Ford, professor who grew up in the same tony Maryland suburbs as Kavanaugh, called office to discuss what she described as matter. ... She could have withheld the name and still made the allegation public, said Kevin de Leon, Democrat in California state Senate, and she should have..

kavanaugh: i didn’t recognize parkland dad

The 28 new committee confidential documents from Booker are from Kavanaugh's in White House during George W. ... The committee was hoping to process Kavanaugh's unusually paper trail and relied on Bush's, Bill Burck, to compile the documents, first estimated to be 900,000 pages from..

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