Highlights of this day history England's King John signs Magna Carta A deadly steamboat fire New York City Jordan's King Hussein weds American Lisa Halaby Arlington National Cemetery created Singer Ella Fitzgerald dies ... ..

jordan: crackdown on political activists

close friend of Tabanja told Human Rights Watch that the authorities extended the detention administratively, transferred him to Ma`an southern Jordan, 296 kilometers from his home, then released him on bail on May 21.. ... On May 15, the head of Jordan's National Center for Human..

naila and the uprising (2017): a film review

Nor are viewers informed that, in 1967, Israel was faced with war of self-defense when Jordan, then the official of Palestinians, attacked despite Israeli prime minister's pleas to Jordan not to enter into hostilities with Israel. By definition situation, The film does not explain that..

jordan: end child marriage in status talks

. © 2014 AP Photo Changes Jordan's status law under parliament should be expanded to include ending child marriage entirely and providing full equality for marriage, divorce, or inheritance, today. ... Jordan's status law grants the in deciding which parent child should live with after. ..

film review: jordan peele's 'us'

Film Review: Jordan Peele's 'Us' - Metro Weekly Film Review: Jordan Peele's 'Us' - Metro Weekly . . . . . . . ... Film Review: Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ . Jordan Peele's Us may deliver the scares on a bloody platter, but it amounts to so much more than a simple horror film..

all american

On All American Season Episode, Spencer is thrown off his game by guest, and Jordan fights to prove his worth in the playoffs. ..

ending the ‘occupation' myth

 The British were given Mandate for Palestine, which included the land from Mediterranean to Jordan River and what is now Jordan.. ... By law and today, Mandate thus granted Jews the right to settle anywhere Palestine, the area between Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea, right..

jordanian woman tortured in jordan -

Protesting the situation whereby Jordan has no ministry of defense and the king serves Al-'Akaileh called to establish ministry of security to be in charge of General Intelligence Directorate, and ministry to be in charge of the armed forces. ... Jordanian press likewise published articles in..


TEHRAN - number of refugees left Al-Rakban Camp in US-controlled al-Tanf region, near Syria's Eastern borders with Jordan, for Syrian Army positions in spite of terrorists efforts to prevent their exit, ... ... Brigadier-General Hatit, meantime, pointed to the location of al-Tanf in triangle of..

presstv-jordan: israel must leave occupied golan

Jordan has hit out at Israel over its recent call for the United States to recognize the occupation of Golan Heights, saying Tel Aviv will have to pull its forces out of Syrian region... ... # Jordan rejected #US proposal, endorsing the # Israel I wil, to consider Golan Heights as..

review: fahrenheit 451

Jordan ) dedicated fireman, burning the few remaining books in the world, televising the event to audience. ... Jordan is fine and Boutella is proving quite interesting actress to watch .. ..

britain detains muslim radicals

The arrests came two days after Britain reached agreement with the government of Jordan guaranteeing that any deportees from Britain would not be executed or tortured. ... Abu Qatada, 44, arrived Britain in 1993 and was granted asylum after saying he was the victim of Jordan.. ..

freedom caucus’ jim jordan: freedom under attack

Discipline was important part of Jordan's and college as wrestler. Graduating from Graham High School Ohio in 1982, Jordan was four-time state champion in wrestling with career record of 150-1. ... Jordan believes new avenues will emerge to create new jobs. Declaration of..

oslo turns 25: is jordan the palestinian future? -

At present, Palestinians reside Jordan, UN-run camps, Gaza and on West Bank of Jordan River — territory that since Biblical times has been known as Judea and Samaria. ... America is moving military assets from bases Qatar, building Jordan Israel has spent $300 billion on..

sexual harassment is a no no! : thyblackman

Harvey, Michelle Malkin and Fox News Laurann Ingraham took sides with JD Jordan because JD Jordan is Republican & not care about the teenage wrestlers. ... The fact that 1 of the wrestlers has turned out to be adult has no relevance to investigating-was Jim Daniel Jordan..

king abdullah of jordan needs to abdicate

I met Mudar Zahran, currently Secretary General of Jordan Opposition Coalition, some six years ago have kept in touch with him over the I watched JOC being formed and take shape, just as I watched their plan Operation Jordan is Palestine take shape. ... Jordan's king promotes..

iraq's al-maliki wants full control

Al-Maliki also will insist at two-day summit Jordan beginning today that his government should drive negotiations with Iraq's neighbors, Iran and Syria, they said. ... If Americans withdraw, the fighting will stop, said Iraq's most revered Sunni, Sheik Harith Dhari, Jordan where he met..

jordan attacks reveal al-zarqawi's reach

Triple suicide bombings Jordan this week marked breakthrough for Islamic Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in his efforts to expand Iraqi into conflict and demonstrated his growing independence from the founders of al-Qaida, according to Arab and European intelligence officials. Al-Zarqawi, 39, has sought for..

penn state, pitt press for more funding

Both Jordan and Wesley Posvar, president of University of Pittsburgh, appeared before House and Senate appropriations committees yesterday to make their annual pitches for increased state aid.. ... The situation is illustrated most simply in the data which record Pennsylvania's rank among the 50..

penn state tuition hike likely

By cutting activities and raising tuition, Jordan said the university would take two-pronged approach to meeting the shortfall,... ... Patrick Stapleton, D-Indiana, partof State System of Higher Education, told Jordan that his priority, this year, -owned universities... ..


Israel ...

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