doj backs court ruling killing obamacare

Although some Republican lawmakers voted for Democrat Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and Democrat Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, not a single Republican lawmaker voted for Barack Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment, the disastrous so-called healthcare reform law. ..


Parker Jake Johnson) from a different world. Together, they agree Fisk has to be stopped, using the data on a damaged flash drive. ..

lawsuit claims johnson & johnson diabetes drug

Now, Lo Re's widow, Venera, is suing the maker, Johnson & Johnson, claiming the giant and affiliates misled the public about its risks pursuit of related drug sales that totaled $1.1 in 2017, according to court and financial records.. ... Despite knowing about the increased risk of..

your opinion: trust in government

Larry Russell Johnson . Jefferson City . Dear Editor: . Regarding Congress being exempt from the laws that govern the rest of us, it gave me a nasty foreboding feeling at first, but I recognize that it is another nail in the coffin that is stifling American history in our country today. ..

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