The radical left hates Boris Johnson because he appears to want to execute the will of the majority of British public and leave EU. This is not to suggest Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Benjamin Netanyahu, nor the political parties or ideologies they champion, are perfect. ..

britain’s constitutional crisis

Johnson argued and maintained in Miller case that the reason for the prorogation was to make way for introduction of his government's new legislative program in Queen's Speech on October 14, not to evade accountability to or scrutiny of Parliament. Had Johnson argued that the prorogation..

gandhi in african american eyes

James Weldon Johnson, secretary of National Association for Advancement of Colored Peoples, had no doubt why Gandhi and India were of such enduring interest to his people 'there is no reason why it should not bring the white man to his knees in South. ..

inside the u.n. general assembly

President Donald Trump holds a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the sidelines of the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York City, New York, U.S., September 24, 2019. . . . . . ... Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during an Emergency..

2019 september 26newsbiscuit

Johnson 'I can do whatever I f@*king well like. Not content with the disparaging comment of 'humbug to Labour MP Paula Sheriff who had referenced the murder of fellow MP Jo Cox, President Trump acolyte, fanboy and absolute idiot Boris Johnson, ment The House of Commons... ..

supreme leader: us, eu3 not trustworthy

Johnson, for his part, stressed the fact that London is keen to develop relations with Tehran, adding that Britain has always supported the JCPOA. . ... Pointing to Iran's effective role in the region, Johnson expressed the hope for continuation of the nuclear deal and de-escalation of..

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