jewish americans reject trump’s theatrics

In his State of Union address, US President Trump recognized Jewish American war veterans, Holocaust survivors, and heroic police officer wounded during Tree of Life synagogue shooting. ... We will continue to honor those Jewish Americans and others at State of Union deserving of praise..

curious courtships – jewish journal

This is of great help at the United Nations, where support for the Jewish State may have grown over the decades, but not to the level where anyone might be remotely satisfied, and within the European Union, where numerous countries are often highly critical of Israel, and one, Ireland, can be said to..

american jewish leaders: where are you? -

Today,   Israel's supporters in United States are Christians, whereas Jewish community is disunited and betraying its loyalty and obligations to Jewish state.. ... Klein condemned the behavior of purportedly mainstream Jewish bodies like Presidents Conference, AIPAC, the World..

catholic-jewish relations: portentous anniversaries

Appropriately, on the anniversary of the death of the man entrusted by Pope John XXIII to carry out the special mission of writing and fighting for the passing of this document during the Second Vatican Council, Pontifical Gregorian University's Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies is observing..

gay and jewish – harry's place

Similarly to the UN in 1975, they defined Zionism as. white-supremacist ideology.. based on the premise that Jewish people have God-given entitlement to the lands of Palestine and the surrounding areas... the fight for Jewish self-determination, that Jews do not have the right to self..

jewish & israel news

European Jewish leader expressed alarm on Monday of the implementation of prohibitions on the slaughter of... ... JNS org  Georges Loinger, Jewish man with Aryan features who managed to save hundreds of Jewish during Holocaust,... ..

the devastating impact of american non-jewish jews

Non- Orthodox Jewish organizational leaders, remain silent or cozy up to their liberal constituencies even for the time, is exposing Palestinian intransigence, promotion of terror, and the millions of dollars awarded to killers and their families. ... Furthermore, this year the General Assembly..

jewish human rights

common narrative would define those lawyers and those who would turn inward, to territory, — home for Jewish people. ... Amid the loss of their human rights agenda and the loss of the UN as their arena, Jewish advocates turned to American administration and redefined Jewish..

the 40 worst colleges for jewish students, 2016,

Inclusion on this list Jewish resources and often fine work being done by Jewish groups on many of these campuses. ... Students for Justice Palestine launched campaign to remove products, such spurring Brown administrators to promise to offer variety of alternatives to food from..

keeping american jews jewish

Anti-Semitism is concern, and the greater threat to Jewish people is assimilation and the indifference to Jewish amongst the generation of Jews.. ... The ritual, relationship with HaShem, dedication to Torah learning, the deeper mystical meanings, they are central and key, and they..

ejp — european jewish press

Launched end 2005, European Jewish Press is Jewish news agency Europe. It aims to provide both Jewish and non- Jewish audiences around the world with balanced, up-to-date and reliable news reports about European Jewry and other issues of concern to Jewish..

left-wing jews: a jewish and american tragedy

That is the story of the many Jewish leftists to this day: Jewish leftists make revolutions, and all the Jews (among millions of others) pay the price. . ... The security of the world’s only Jewish state is by far the greatest security issue for world Jewry. ..

angela merkel’s jewish legacy

Merkel has stood up for Israel and Jewish people with heart and soul, not just Knobloch, 86, head of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria, told JTA in a telephone interview.. ... And the challenge to Jewish leaders Germany is clear, too, said Berger. ..

12 jewish (or jewish-adjacent) races to watch

Epstein, Jewish businesswoman with roots in the Detroit Jewish community, raised eyebrows shortly after the shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue by inviting Messianic rabbi to address rally headlined by Vice President Mike Pence. She was the first woman to chair Jewish Federations..

a new read on jewish life

How Russian Jewish lullaby turned into the anthem of the men and women of our country.. ... The movement's leaders treat calls for accountability from Jewish allies but the criticism they face is the result of their own actions.. ..

'trump cherishes jewish americans'

Struggling to hold back tears, Sanders spoke of President Trump's love for Jewish people and for Jewish members of his own family... ... President is the grandfather of Jewish grandchildren. His daughter is Jewish American, and his son-in-law is descendant of..

presstv-rabbi: jewish identity hijacked by zionists

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stands at Zionist Jerusalem al-Quds Old City overlooking al-Aqsa Mosque on September 27, 2018 Embed.. ... Rabbi Dovid Weiss, spokesman of Neturei Karta International, told Press TV on Monday that Zionists Israel pushing ahead with their land grab policies in the name of..

jewish commitment to collective liberation

By horrendous acts of violence driven by bigotry and hate, Our hearts are with Jewish communities of Pittsburgh and the many communities facing the terror and loss caused. ... We stand on the history of Jewish in our own and collective struggles against persecution and for liberation and..

non-jewish activists show jewish cemeteries’

— exhibition highlighting the destruction of Jewish cemeteries Poland opened in that country's parliament.. ... Several groups working to preserve Jewish cemeteries Poland, including the Union of Jewish Communities Poland, the European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative and..

rescuing jewish culture from zionism

I also think that in the long term, it's fundamentally unnatural and unsustainable project to tie American Jewish to halfway around the world, and to put the program of supporting its policies at the center of American Jewish identity. ... I think lot of Jewish folks have been..

the jewish terrorists

Jewish temple would replace the house of Muslim glory — Dome of Rock on Temple Mount, was attached to Jerusalem's decapitated neck... Ze'ev Aleksandrowicz Hebrew and Yiddish poet Uri Zvi Greenberg, who cofounded the anti- British extremist group Brit Habiryonim and was later member of..

a portrait of jewish americans

o interviewing Jews, the survey interviewed 1,190 people of Jewish U.S adults. ... Jane Eisner, Editor-in-Chief, Jewish Forward, New York City Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz, Senior Director of Research and Analysis and Director of the Berman Jewish DataBank at Jewish..

the american jewish cocoon

Guidelines like Hillel's, make American Jewish community closed intellectual space, isolated from the experiences and perspectives of roughly half the people under Israeli control. While Jewish settlers are Israeli citizens and therefore enjoy the due process afforded by Israel's civilian..

a jewish writer in america

We wanted to shake off the fears and constraints of the in which we had been born, Irving Howe said, speaking of Jewish writers published by Partisan Review in Thirties and Forties, and as if to raise Jewishness to cosmopolitan power.. ..

10 absurdly crazy jewish conspiracy theories

According to Andinia Plan, Jews mapped out Patagonia Argentina for the creation of Jewish Republic of Andinia — effectively, within state. The author of this belief, alleged that during the 1970s, Israelites were searching for Jewish homeland far away from the in Middle East. ..

jewish leader meets with putin on iran

MOSCOW -- European Jewish leader said Thursday he is convinced Russia shares West's concerns about Iran and will do everything possible to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons. ... Putin welcomed Kantor and other members of Jewish to Kremlin on Wednesday night. ..

abortion in jewish law

Jewish law does not sanction abortion on demand without pressing reason. ... Whether person is pro-Choice or pro-Life, is not it sad that only 50 years after 1.5 Jewish children where killed by Nazi's that over Jewish children have been aborted since the beginning of State of..

jewish, christian rift can't be healed

Jewish leaders object to the prominence on the program of Messianic Jews - Jewish converts to Christianity.. On Tuesday, Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando issued letter, signed by most area rabbis, advising Jewish community not to support the event. ..

american jewish congress decries menorah displays

campaign by sect of Orthodox Jews to place Hanukkah menorahs on public lands during the celebration is dividing Jewish community and undermining church-state separation, American Jewish Congress said earlier this month.. ... But, it said, ``church-state separation is of importance to..

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