the meeting of our lord and savior jesus

By inspiration from above, Saint Simeon went to the Temple at the moment when Most Holy Theotokos and Saint Joseph had brought Infant Jesus to fulfill Law.. ... The Righteous Simeon and Prophetess Anna, the last righteous people of Old Testament, were deemed worthy to meet Savior in..

did the united church of christ really divest from

John Deckenbeck, Conference Minister of Central Atlantic Conference of the United Church of Christ and anti- Israel activist, told delegates, The resolution calls for divestment across the United Church of Christ of any holdings in list of companies that have been found to be benefiting..

psalm 68 and the gospel of jesus christ

Matthew and Paul use this Psalm to characterize the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ is important to understanding the very meaning of the term 'gospel as it's applied to our Lord Jesus Christ.. ... Christ goes to in the stronghold of his enemy.  St. ..

jesus: the name above all names

The heart of every Christian should respond to this invitation and exalt Holy Name of Our Savior, that is, His very Person, for the Name of Jesus expresses what  He is Savior, Redeemer. ... Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the..

is dec. 25 the real birthday of christ?

By the century, it appears that some Christians had started celebrating Christ's birth, and his death, on March 25th, the author makes case against this day as Christ's birthday.. ... angel appeared to them and gave them the birth announcement in the city of David there has been born..

when a gay activist comes to jesus

But in A War of Loves The Unexpected Story of Gay Activist Discovering Jesus by David Bennett, readers learn of activist whose experiences left him searching for deeper meaning life. ... It contains testimony of someone honestly wrestling with God's love, Scripture's authority, and..

10 crazy claims about the bloodline of jesus christ

Quite possibly one of the bizarre and intriguing stories surrounding the bloodline of Christ is that of Berringer Sauniere, lowly and poverty-stricken priest residing Southern France, seemingly out of nowhere, became in the late 1890s... ... The offer of proof for this is section from Syriac..

10 misconceptions about jesus

This decision could be tied to Christian that the afterlife is more important than our earthly existence, and that Jesus therefore gave attention to the needs of the soul rather than those of Jesus Wore Nice Clothes... ... Contrary to popular belief, that Jesus was no Brad Pitt..


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