eu to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal?

Western of JCPOA killed the agreement, heightening Middle East tensions, increasing the risk of possible US confrontation with Iran — nation at peace with its neighbors, threatening none.. ... Unlike EU countries, in breach of their obligations, steps Iran took and intend to take with..

iranian fm urges europe to act independent from us

In the phase, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran will be obliged to start research and development on whatever technical needs the country has, and set aside all R&D commitments stipulated in JCPOA... ... By the remaining signatories to the deal, Good progress on Arak and Fordow projects, on..

iran vs. spineless europe

Iran waited for 60 weeks, hoping that Europeans, E3 would honor their commitment to JCPOA, signed July 2015 Vienna, Austria. ... Iran could refer the issue to Joint Commission for resolution similarly, if any of E3 EU+3 believed that Iran was not meeting its commitments under this JCPOA,..


Europeans as Iran has so far fulfilled all its commitments under JCPOA, noting that Iran's patience is wearing thin and it's time for EU to take its strategic decision.. Dollar dominance he said, noting that EU and the three countries favoring SPV are also captive and hostage of the US in..

trump follows, dprk-iran lead

By the other parties to the agreement, The symbolism of IRGC decision, is that Iran is prepared to engage in discussions on JCPOA and its future, knowing that any concessions will be welcomed. ... neither does it please the other parties to JCPOA United Kingdom, France, Russia, China..

iran says it doesn’t want war with the us

President Donald Trump, spoke against the deal known as JCPOA and appeared isolated as result, ... Addressing the council, Trump called JCPOA a horrible one-sided deal, declaring that Iran must never be allowed to possess nuclear weapon and accusing its government of exporting violence,..

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