One goal of JCPOA was to broaden political and economic ties between Iran and Europe, referring to the nuclear deal signed by Iran and the major powers in 2015.. ... Iranian president, however, said that the package proposed by European countries on how they going to live up to their commitments..

trump follows, dprk-iran lead

By the other parties to the agreement, The symbolism of IRGC decision, is that Iran is prepared to engage in discussions on JCPOA and its future, knowing that any concessions will be welcomed. ... neither does it please the other parties to JCPOA United Kingdom, France, Russia, China..

iran says it doesn’t want war with the us

President Donald Trump, spoke against the deal known as JCPOA and appeared isolated as result, ... Addressing the council, Trump called JCPOA a horrible one-sided deal, declaring that Iran must never be allowed to possess nuclear weapon and accusing its government of exporting violence,..

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