briefing by spokesperson for secretary-general

New additions to the list include: Chidaoba, an ancient form of Georgian wrestling; hurling, which is an Irish field sport; Raiho-shin, from Japan, which involves ritual visits of deities in masks and costumes; the spring festive rites of [Kazakh] horse breeders; As-Samer, a form of Jordanian song..

zeihan, japan and china

Nextbigfuture predicts that Japan will not get within ten percent of China's cumulative GDP growth over Jan 2019 to Dec 2030 period. ... Japan is looking to buy F-35Bs. They appealing Tokyo has also studied the cost of modifying Izumo-class carriers to accommodate up to ten of them at..

argentina compared to brazil

There was prediction from Peter Zeihan that Japan, Argentina and Turkey would emerge as regionally dominant powers. Japan would dominate Asia, Argentina would dominate South America and Turkey would dominate the area of Europe and Middle East near it. ..

homosexuality and the decline in american values

This will move the United States toward the same problems that plague other countries, like Japan, who tend to have fewer children, thus weakening the foundation and structure of society (Schumm, 2018 & Semuels, 2017). ... The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, 20 July 2017,..

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