italy's pm resigns amid political row

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte talks with Italian President Sergio Mattarella Rome, Italy, on Aug 20, 2019. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Tuesday remitted his mandate in the hands of the president, putting end to his government and, opening the way to phase of..

italian government faces no-confidence vote

ROME — The Italian Senate will return Tuesday from its vacation to set crucial date for no-confidence vote on Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's government.. ... Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini gestures during Sunday political rally, part of his summer..

rome’s dangerous game

the dispute ended with agreement Italian government would reduce its planned deficit to 2.04 percent in 2019 slightly more than 2018's 1.8 percent in return for EU Commission dropping its threats of sanctions. But this time, Italian government will find it hard to in to Brussels again..

the world has lost its compass — global issues

How could the majority of Italians reconfirm government which has been the in history, quarrelling on everything every day and looking with indifference to the problem of how to establish the budget without clashing with European Union or squeezing Italian citizens. ... Now Salvini claims that,..

fascist symbols and rhetoric on rise in italian eu vote

Fascist symbols, rhetoric and salutes, have made their way out of the hooligan sections of soccer stadiums and into Italian streets in the run-up to this week's European Parliament elections.. ... Salvini, anti-Islam stances, of dismissing extremist labels and the existence of ideology on..

benetton & fashioning controversy

One of the first clothing brands to court controversy through advertising was Italian sportswear brand Benetton. ... With Italian Oliviero Toscani Benetton launched series of ads in 1983 that were designed to be explicit celebrations of diversity and inclusivity. ..

the year the eu went to war with italy

In particular, European Commission's of Italian government over its 2019 budget reminds us how little Brussels cares for democracy... ... Then, for the time ever, EC threatened Eurozone country with procedure and fine, heavy burden on the already struggling Italian economy.. ..

why the eu is stuck in perpetual crisis

The confrontation between Italian and the eurozone authorities over the size of Italian deficit is the latest example of EU's inability to cope with democracy. ... Yet the majority of Italian voters will not readily acquiesce to European control over Italian politics. ..

italy adopts hardline immigration law

Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute, Italian Parliament has approved a tough new immigration and law that will make it easier to deport migrants. ... Salvini announced that Italy will not sign United Nations Global Compact for Migration, nor will Italian officials..

european commission rejects italy’s 2019 budget

EU austerity diktat and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini's nationalist demagogy are equally right-wing and hostile to the workers.. ... With Italian banks already holding estimated €260 bad loans from the last crash in 2008, Credit Suisse AG estimated that Italy's banking..

by land and by sea: salvini’s war on immigration

The decree approved by Italian government restricting the right to asylum is the counterpart to the criminalization of NGOs operating in Mediterranean. ... The constitutional right to asylum, one of the more fruitful products of jurisprudence, derives from Article of Italian Constitution...

new low for italian migration policies

The UN refugee agency and European Commission should clarify to Italian authorities the in. Italian parliament, should remove these problematic provisions and ensure that the law complies with Italy's rights obligations. ... ..

late 19th century italian newspaper digitized by fsu

Il secolo will be of interest to scholars of 19th Italian and European history and to anyone interested in the content and format of political daily Unified Italy, said Silvia Valisa, professor of Italian studies at FSU. The newspaper provides examples of Italian newspaper..

how did science come to speak only english?

ago, the majority of researchers Western science knew at least some English, and they also read, wrote and spoke French and German, and sometimes in other 'minor languages, such as Russian or the rapidly fading Italian.. ... By the end of the century, works chemistry, physics, physiology and..

why europe is hesitant to punish russia

Italy also has deep ties with Moscow trade with Russia accounts for some $50 in Italian each year. Italian government has been so pro- Russia that some Eastern European countries are refusing to support the candidacy of Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini as European..

2009 november

Old Tyme Italian Cuisine opens new hall. Old Tyme Italian Cuisine was campaign this year's Lynn election with several candidates choosing the restaurant at 612 Boston Street for their political gatherings and fundraisers. ..


new concordat in 1985 eliminated Roman Catholicism and under non- Italian centuries the papacy has broadened its influence almost everywhere.. On that night years ago, I heard him say, in well-accented Italian, ``I am speaking to you in your, and there was pause before he corrected,..

the ultra movement and the political influences

Facing the problem of Italian stadiums means going over the history of curve support, to understand both the dynamics that enabled racism and right-wing extremism to spread and the intervention strategies necessary to combat it.. ... Thus Milan, key members of Italian Social Movement were..


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