italian army and first world war

'This is the book which we have been waiting for proper history of Italian in First World War. ... 'Gooch synthesizes vast range of material with concision, ranging from the causes and origins of Italian into the war through to its social and political legacies, where the analysis..

a challenge to political marxism

By contrast, that the emergence of English capitalism was the last stop in European-wide series of attempts that began in Italian city-states and spread to Germany, France, Holland, and England.. ... It first surfaced in Italian city-states in the form of capitalist control over the..

committee for a workers' international

The showdown between Italian and European Union, has ended with compromise. ... Pressure was brought to bear to end the confrontation from sections of Italian capitalist class, including from the small- and medium-size businesses in the north where Lega draws most of its support. ..

cesare battisti’s french connection - france

Cesare Battisti's return to Italy to serve life sentence prison may have followed arrest Bolivia after fleeing Brazil, and Italian government also took the opportunity to set its sights on France... I appeal to French president to return to Italy the fugitives that should not be drinking champagne..

the year the eu went to war with italy

In particular, European Commission's of Italian government over its 2019 budget reminds us how little Brussels cares for democracy... ... Then, for the time ever, EC threatened Eurozone country with procedure and fine, heavy burden on the already struggling Italian economy.. ..

why the eu is stuck in perpetual crisis

The confrontation between Italian and the eurozone authorities over the size of Italian deficit is the latest example of EU's inability to cope with democracy. ... Yet the majority of Italian voters will not readily acquiesce to European control over Italian politics. ..

italy adopts hardline immigration law

Authored by Soeren Kern via The Gatestone Institute, Italian Parliament has approved a tough new immigration and law that will make it easier to deport migrants. ... Salvini announced that Italy will not sign United Nations Global Compact for Migration, nor will Italian officials..

italy challenges europe with budget plans

Italian Deputy Premier and Labor Minister Luigi Di Maio smiles outside Rome's Chigi Palace government headquarters on Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018. ... Luigi Zingales, Italian at University of Chicago, urged in New York Times that EU should be flexible with Italy on its fiscal demands... ..

the mess that is europe

The eurozone is facing some very hard days ahead as it deals with UK's efforts to leave European Union and in dealing with Italy and Italian budget that is being presented Brussels.. ... The hope of Italian government, not unlike others hoping to buy their way out of their problems, is,..

by land and by sea: salvini’s war on immigration

The decree approved by Italian government restricting the right to asylum is the counterpart to the criminalization of NGOs operating in Mediterranean. ... The constitutional right to asylum, one of the more fruitful products of jurisprudence, derives from Article of Italian Constitution...

new low for italian migration policies

The UN refugee agency and European Commission should clarify to Italian authorities the in. Italian parliament, should remove these problematic provisions and ensure that the law complies with Italy's rights obligations. ... ..

‘europe must rehab militant returnees’

EU Gilles de Kerchove attends Mediterranean Dialogues, conference on in Mediterranean, in Italian Rome, December 11, 2015 Europe needs to figure out ways to rehabilitate people returning from Syria. EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator  Gilles de Kerchove made the remark at Mediterranean Dialogues,..

daesh has no incubator in syria: assad

The photo, released by Syria's official news agency SANA on November 18, 2015, shows Syrian President Bashar al-Assad answering questions during interview with Italian TV channel RAI UNO. This is something very good and very assuring, he said in recent interview with Italian TV channel RAI..

civil war clashes erupt in libya

Eni has been in Italian colony since 1959 and had quasi-monopoly position in Libyan oil and gas prior to NATO-led overthrow of Gaddafi in 2011. Italian Interior Minister and leader of Lega party, Matteo Salvini has accused France of being responsible for Libya.. ..

late 19th century italian newspaper digitized by fsu

Il secolo will be of interest to scholars of 19th Italian and European history and to anyone interested in the content and format of political daily Unified Italy, said Silvia Valisa, professor of Italian studies at FSU. The newspaper provides examples of Italian newspaper..

10 forgotten fascist movements of the 1930s

While other right-wing groups France were somewhat in their mannerisms and style of politics, Francist Movement was carbon copy of Italian fascism, right down to their use of Roman salute, the use of the fasces and their unequivocal support for Germany, Italy, and France. ... Like Italian..

why europe is hesitant to punish russia

Italy also has deep ties with Moscow trade with Russia accounts for some $50 in Italian each year. Italian government has been so pro- Russia that some Eastern European countries are refusing to support the candidacy of Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini as European..

2009 november

Old Tyme Italian Cuisine opens new hall. Old Tyme Italian Cuisine was campaign this year's Lynn election with several candidates choosing the restaurant at 612 Boston Street for their political gatherings and fundraisers. ..


new concordat in 1985 eliminated Roman Catholicism and under non- Italian centuries the papacy has broadened its influence almost everywhere.. On that night years ago, I heard him say, in well-accented Italian, ``I am speaking to you in your, and there was pause before he corrected,..


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