the left in israel

Eric Lee is the editor of LabourStart, and when living Israel in the 1990s ran BibiWatch website. ... More important which was until the early 1990s one of the most powerful trade unions world, with Israel having high rate of trade union density.. ..

iranian proxies in syria target israel

Within hours of being targeted, Israel responded with rocket attacks against Syrian military, including two artillery batteries, observation and intelligence posts, battery, and, other Iranian targets al-Kiswah, south of Damascus. ..

jewish & israel news

Riots broke out on Temple Mount on Sunday after Israel Police permitted Jewish visitors to enter the site... ... CTech Israel's brain drain problem is getting worse, according to Thursday by Dan Ben-David of Shoresh... ..

did it start with israel?

s anti- Israel vote part of the genesis of FBI's effort to disable Trump administration. The chief ground of FBI's effort was Democratic Party dossier paid for by Clinton campaign, and Israel-related surveillance comes into play with regard to General Flynn. ..

israel/america or netanyahu/trump?

Avnery was savvy enough to know that Zionist failure to achieve peace with Palestinians meant that Israel could never be a normal state, no matter how much it pretended, hypocritically, to be a democracy adhering to. ... In 2018, Bahia Amawi, Palestinian-American pathologist, filed lawsuit..

eyal zisser / israel hayom /

JNS org - The latest round of violence between Israel and armed factions Gaza, saw four Israeli.. ... JNS org - Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah, among the very few in Arab world to respond to the election results Israel, was quick to.. ..

shalom al yisrael

David Ben-Gurion, the leader of Jewish people, declared on that day standing Jerusalem that Israel, Jewish nation by its constitution, came into existence on the sacred lands of Yahweh and Moses, called Palestine... ... There was family at the time of Israel that had not lost member..

german government: anti-israel, pro-iran

In 2016, Germany even voted for UN resolution that singled out Israel at the annual assembly of World Health Organization physical and health, on the health conditions in Palestinian territory and in Syrian Golan... ... It's madness that we are constantly on the side of countries like Saudi..

netanyahu is not israel

I say the same thing to American Jews you realize, do not you, that half of Jewry lives Israel. ... Do you think that if Gantz had won, within few years, American Jews would be flocking to ulpanim sending their children on gap years to Israel traveling to Israel increasing their..

omani journalist supports normalization with israel

Omani Journalist Salem Bin Hamad Al-Jahwari Israel is reality, Arabs and Israelis must negotiate their future together. ... Al-Jahwari referred to statement by Yusuf bin Alawi Omani Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs, that Arab nations must reassure Israel that they do not pose..

the pursuit of greater israel

To give effect to the plan for Greater Israel, Zionists can benefit from Shia- Sunni schism and ethnic conflicts in Muslim world.. ... Muslims of Middle East should be mindful of the situation and understand that instability their region is meant to pave the way for Greater Israel. .. palestine-israel journal

The Nation-State Law and Jewish Supremacy The law is violation of human rights, as it legalizes discriminatory policies against Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel... ... Jerusalem remains factor for any future between Israel and Palestine and for the shaping of the relationship between..

defining israel in black and white

It was then and there I realized that the problem of ignorance about Israel, was not rooted solely in the malaise of the general public or non-affiliated Jews. It was problem of Jewish in United States, those who go to shul and temple and attend Jewish schools, of Israel's people Jews from..

two cheers for israel

Hazony does not limit his argument favor of nation states to Israel, and his book can be read as response to Tony Judt's point that delegitimization of the in West does not bode well for Israel either. ... To the extent that it's encouraged by Israel, war with Iran would..

why jews wanted israel

Both Russia and the US bloc seek to dominate Israel in this way, and situation the imperialist force operating to subjugate Israel and break it into this role is US imperialism, operating both through the general power of US wealth specifically through control of the purse strings of..

the desecration of israel

The agenda of Kahanism the expulsion of Palestinians, the destruction of Dome of Rock would ensure Israel's isolation, proving we fear no one except God. We were the generation born after Holocaust and just beginning to confront its meaning the generation born after the creation of..

how has netanyahu transformed israel? -

Schneier said that there was no question that the formal recognition of Jewish community is a result of the warming of relations between UAE and Israel... It was the king of Bahrain who said to me in 2016, ment, that, for strong moderate Arab voice in Gulf, we need Israel... ..

the progressive assault on israel -

Likud narrative of the conflict, or support the policies of Benjamin Netanyahu, or reject the idea of Palestinian statehood, that Israel is above criticism and reproach. ... Israel appears powerful vis-à-vis Palestinians, considerably less as Hannah Arendt understood, is recipe for..

‘troops die for israel’ - trump

'Our troops Syria have been dying for Israel and continue to die as in the terror bombing that killed 4 troops and injured 3 on January 16 2019.. ... Our sad state of affairs has made Israel's problems OUR problems, and have thrown our soldiers to their deaths to protect JEWish state..

israel is snoring

Israel plucking the nationalist heartstrings, knowing that Israel's foolish voters deny the reality of the occupation, they prefer to wrap themselves elephant hide.. Another general who has taken verbiage as the head of new party and uttered promises to relieve Israel's..

defending our right to criticize israel

The summer over the course of fifty-one days, Israel's military assault on Gaza killed over 2,100 Palestinians, including 551 children, and displaced 475,000 more, reducing much of the densely populated area to ruins. ... The tweet is commentary on the abuse of the concept of anti-Semitism by..

palestine’s left before israel

Musa Budeiri's The Palestine Communist Party charts the hidden history of Palestinian movement from its in the aftermath of First World War to the establishment of Israel and the subsequent ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. . ..

europe’s jews vs. israel

Note the contrast when Matteo Salvini, Italy's minister visited Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called him a great friend of Israel.. ... They show this by fighting antisemitism, building Holocaust museums, denouncing Iran deal, urging the move of their embassies to Jerusalem,..

holocaust denial, dementia and israel

The connection between relegating Holocaust to non-existence and doing the same with the relationship between Land of Israel and its people are two forms of denial intended to obliterate Jewish people.. By second set of polls third of, We can see this new trend confirmed Europeans imagine that..

europe's jews vs. israel :: daniel pipes

Note the contrast when Matteo Salvini, Italy's minister visited Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called him a great friend of Israel.. ... They show this by fighting antisemitism, building Holocaust museums, denouncing Iran deal, urging the move of their embassies to Jerusalem,..

london guardian criticism of israel

As America, Britain, other Western societies and Israel, democracy is pure fantasy.. ... Palestinians will swallow just rebranding of the quo, maintained by force by Israel, and with Palestinians within and without Israel's borders subjugated... ..

us anti-boycotting israel legislation

it'll do the same thing subordinating protected rights to Israel's of Palestinians, along with prohibiting criticism of other US allies.. ... The ACLU called SASME message to Americans that they will be penalized if they dare to disagree with their government on Israel and other..

israel archives

PARIS — Israel has left Paris-based UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Mourning the loss of one of Israel's literary voices, tweeted Israel's Foreign Ministry spokesman... ..

women’s strike in israel against femicide

This article was published on the day of a recent ‘women’s strike’ in Israel to protest femicide and violence against women, and before a mass rally of 30,000 people took place in Tel Aviv. ... As a result, the number of women murdered in Israel on a gender basis, since December 2017..

unz goes nuclear, by israel shamir

Unless they are neutralized, Israel lobbying groups, Israel advocates, Zionists, Neoconservatives, and Friedmanites will America abolish Constitution in except name to create society of servitude for all Americans except for those belonging to the hyper-wealthy Zionist political elite.. ..

israel has injured 24,000 gaza protesters

With the court upholding law barring residents of an enemy entity from receiving compensation, all Palestinians Gaza are now banned from redress and remedy Israel, according to the rights groups Al Mezan and Adalah.. ... With no way to fulfill their right to effective legal remedy from..

hamas attacks israel, threatens netanyahu government

I spent most of the day on Tuesday with bus full of journalists inside Gaza, tract of land reaching out from Gaza- Israel border. By being on the border, I think any kibbutz or Moshav, or suburb or town that is close to border is very important for State of Israel, by words and, and the..

101 actions israel could take

Israel has made colossal mockery of the concept of security.. In debating Israeli friend from Jerusalem, I challenged him that Israel plans and uses its military might to damage Palestinian's national project to build state and free from Israeli control. ... In Encounter talk,..

pakistan, israel and the muslim world

Pakistan's interests and Israel predate the partition of Palestine and can be traced to the days of Balfour Declaration of 1917. Siding with Arab their war against Israel was due to Pakistan's recognition of Palestine and support to Palestinian Muslims in acquiring their due rights..


Israel's decade-long closure of Gaza, supported by Egypt, restricts the movement of people and goods, with devastating humanitarian impact. ..

israel-austria relations increasingly closer

During visit to Israel last June, Chancellor Kurz vowed to advocate for Israel Europe, and reiterated his commitment to stamp out anti-Semitism, despite his alliance with FPOe... We will try to raise Europe for the situation and the security needs of Israel, .. ..

israel, iran and the bush administration

Alienation from the political class Israel has never been greater and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his cronies hope that spreading fear of Iranian bomb will help them ride out political storm that has seen his poll rating plummet to low. ... Olmert's contradiction is that he wants to remain..

israel: gaza killings unlawful, calculated

IDF, in tweet posted in the early morning of March 31, Everything you need to know about Gaza today, accused demonstrators of hurling burning tires, throwing Molotov cocktails, and attempting to harm or destroy Israel's security infrastructure.. ... Israeli government has not shown that the..

israel-qaeda love relationship in syria

It's always useful to deal with your enemies in humane way, the former head of Israel's agency Mossad told Al Jazeera back May, when asked about why Israel treated Nusra Front militants fighting against Syrian government.. ... Laith Alkhouri, the co-founder and Middle East and North..

religious commitment in israel

A third of Jews in Israel (33%) say they never go to synagogue. . Regular synagogue attendance is one of the fundamental behavioral differences between Jewish subgroups in Israel. ... Across Israel, belief in God is higher among Christians and Druze than among Jews. ..

religious and cultural identity in israel

Overall, the survey finds Ashkenazim Israel are more likely than Sephardim Mizrahim to priority to their Israeli identity over their Jewish identity. ... Across different age groups and educational, ethnic and religious backgrounds, the majority of Jews Israel agree that they are proud..

what future for israel?

In May 2000, Israel offered Palestinians 66 percent of West Bank, with 17 percent annexed to Israel, 17 percent not annexed except under Israeli control, and no swap of Israeli land the numbers rose including swaps.8 Third, Abbas did not accept the deal. ... This central axiom of the..

a turning point in israel

In Egyptian- Israeli Peace Agreement of 1979, Prime Minister Menachem Begin, Likud member like Netanyahu, never asked Egypt to recognize Israel as the nation state of Jewish people. ... First, it states, The Land of Israel is the homeland of Jewish people, of Israel was..

israel – harry's place

But this blog is not about this absurd Israel-demonising motion.  It's about the PSC's of the delegates. ... Ayo is best known for his in Hen Mazzig protest at UCL November 2016 where Jewish students were trapped in room by mob of anti- Israel protestors. ..

how the bds movement delegitimises israel

BDS movement underlined PA's to Israel. BDS leaders emphasised the de facto one-state reality of Israel-Palestine.. he idea of single state was not plan for the future, except description of the reality on the ground. ... The reason that calling Israel apartheid state is one..

an alternative vision for israel

Notably, he called on United States to recognize Israel's over Golan Heights and discussed increasing in the U.S.- Israel relationship.. ... Noting his appreciation for the kind of friendship and even warmth the president has shown to Israel, Lapid called the prospect of..

norway opposes boycott of israel, will ‘rigorously

Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan praised Norway's announcement, describing it as a further, critical step in damaging the pro-boycott organizations and added that his ministry will continue to act to expose European funding of Palestinian organizations that delegitimize State of..

israel runs amok – american free press

The brutal attacks on the defenseless people of Palestine are Israel's campaign to cleanse Holy Land... ... The mantra that Israel has right to defend is now being met with mantra that Palestinians have perfect right to defend themselves and to obtain the weapons to do so. ..

israel/gaza: avoid harm to civilians

In response, a Hamas spokesman said that Israel would “pay a heavy price,” indicating an intention to resume rocket attacks. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that 85 rockets landed in Israel on November 14, and that Israel’s anti-rocket system intercepted 27 rockets. ..

is boycotting israel anti-semitic?

In particular, the charge is leveled at the movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, in BDS call to action.. ... But less is written about Palestinian citizens of Israel--those who live outside of Occupied Territories of West Bank and Gaza, and inside the borders of..

israel must prove its value

Israel's with Hezbollah is war to secure its border, to defeat bent on Israel's destruction, to restore Israeli in the age of the missile. ... His search for victory on the cheap has jeopardized Lebanon operation, and America's confidence Israel as well. ..

israel thwarts palestinian rally

JERUSALEM - — Israel used road-blocks and heavy police presence to frustrate Yasser Arafat's call for demonstration at Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque on Friday.. ... Under closure imposed most Palestinians from West Bank and Gaza Strip have been barred from entering Israel proper, including..

arming israel is not stability

Defense Secretary Dick Cheney has stated that United States will be stockpiling military Israel for emergency use. He has also expressed the administration's resolve to see that Israel retains its qualitative edge over its Arab foes. ..

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