Iranian chief added that those counties who self-proclaim to be advocates of democracy and inclusiveness must be required to devise and offer their strategies, measures and approaches to restrain Islamophobia.. ... Israeli thugs entering Palestine to insult Muslims and terrorists New Zealand..

misinterpreting islam in the west

That 37% of people Britain would support political party that would reduce the number of Muslims in United Kingdom and half British Muslim population lives in the 10% most deprived areas of the country are facts that fit under this broad of Islamophobia that is normalised in many sections of..

social media and 5th generation warfare

Since the war on terror, Pakistan in particular and Muslim in general has been demonized by Islamophobia and the image of terrorism was associated with Islam, country that is ranked 5 among the participants countries of performing peacekeeping missions around the world. ..

activist: fight philo-semitism to fight islamophobia

Philo-Semitism ) In Order to Fight Islamophobia. During December 8 conference held by London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, French-Algerian Houria Bouteldja delivered talk titled. Fighting Philo-Semitism to Fight Islamophobia and Zionism.. Bouteldja defined philo-Semitism as..

the handmaiden of empire

In latest book, Islamophobia and Politics of Empire, that Islamophobia must be in the realm of politics, and not religion, and weighs in with contribution to that effort, grounded in the social and political developments of Muslim majority countries, and historical analysis of their..

there's no such thing as 'islamophobia'

Such charge could apply to particular kind of exchange involving accusation of Islamophobia, and the term can not be such thing. ... Islamophobia has come down to secular fatwas .. up till the moment they say or do one of these things you fear they will do. ..


Muslim ...

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