predators threaten central african republic - zenit

For five years now an on-going civil war has been ravaging the country, with fighting continuing between the Islamist “Seleka” rebels, the so-called “Anti-balaka” militias, drawn from the non-Muslim population, and soldiers of the regular armed forces. ... Islamist rebels,..

islamists infiltrate the democratic party

Yet when not criticizing Christians for opposing such values, they raise money for Islamist groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations. . ... “They align themselves with the left wing of the Democratic Party not because they support lgbt rights or abortion, but to gain power through the..

libya’s descent into civil war: the bitter fruit of the

A UN resolution allowing for a no-fly zone was used as the pretext to launch a seven-month-long bombing campaign in support of CIA-backed Islamist militias to destroy Libya’s security forces and vital infrastructure and overthrow its government. ... Behind this wall of silence lay the fact that..

turkey and regional rivals clash in libya

“Turkey has long been associated with backing Islamist organisations in Libya, especially groups that are tied into the Muslim Brotherhood. ... Turkey’s investments and its arming of Islamist forces indicate that it wants a say in Libya’s future. ..

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