world resistance day for rojava - november 2nd, 2019

At 4pm on October, Turkish army and its Islamist allies began their long-prepared war of aggression against the liberated areas of Syria.. ... Today, Islamist militias, most of them fighters of Islamic State and al-Qaeda, are advancing again with Turkish occupation Syria and spreading..

jui-f’s existential crisis - pakistan

In other words, protect Islam and Islamic laws, what is left for Islamist parties to offer to the public.. ... But to return to the relationship between the state and Islamist parties, perhaps the in years Islamist parties had different line to Pakistan was in 2002, shortly..

maldives: human rights group shut down

The authorities should investigate Islamist groups responsible for inciting violence against rights groups in Maldives... ... Several hundred Maldivians have abroad with Islamic State, which some clerics and Islamist activists in Maldives have promoted.. ..

the humanitarian hoax of white supremacy

President Trump is the existential enemy of Leftist Islamist Globalist axis that seeks his destruction, and the destruction of Constitution he protects. ... Leftist Islamist Globalist axis falsely claim that open borders are humanitarian, and that President Trump's attempts to secure..

islamism in disarray :: daniel pipes

Turkey In brief and convincing analysis, that the corruption, likely economic problems, and inconsistency of Erdoğan government, especially since 2013, is causing anti- Islamist reaction among segments of Turkish population. Islamist regime will create reaction secularist new generation. ..

germany issues an 'early warning' report about rise of

The conclusion is Islamist anti-Semitism is spreading Germany, said Wetzel, member of Bundestag's commission of experts on anti-Semitism.. ... Among other points, the brochure covers anti-Semitic stereotypes Islamism and the rejection of State of Israel by Islamist organizations.. ..

“far right” is the new term for being sane

And if you are concerned about Islamist terrorism and or terrorism against Christians world-wide are you now supposed to keep it down lest you somehow succor to the far right or risk becoming associated with the far right in the eyes of the sophisticates. ... Sure, it was Tamils and Sinhalese..

death for death’s sake

Their acts of violence were bloody, of course, and they did what Islamist terrorists do today seek to kill as many people as possible, ideally women and children, in kind of perverse display of pornographic misanthropy, and with no higher aim than to devastate lives, communities and the human..

does the term 'islamist' constitute hate speech? -

Our common enemy, the enemy of Europe, the enemy of freedom, the enemy of progress, the enemy of democracy, the enemy of the family, the enemy of life, the enemy of the future is called Islamist invasion... ... there will be no problem to explain that Europe and Spain are facing..

expressing religious views is risky in the maldives

Extremist groups in Maldives, some linked to politicians, have endorsed violent ultra-nationalist or Islamist ideology. Islamist groups have deemed detractors as ladheene, several, and or apostates, including Ibra's, Shahinda Ismail, have been threatened on social media.. ..

khan govt hits islamist group with sedition, terrorism

Khan govt hits Islamist group with sedition, terrorism charges . Khadim Hussain Rizvi and other leaders among thousands rounded up after TLP leaders made fiery speeches during wild protests last month over Aasia Bibi acquittal and fears of another destabilizing rally . ... Authorities also detained..

football lads and fascism

It had its first June 2017, at which thousands of fans, many decked out in their team colours, descended on London Bridge to express their anger at Islamist slaughter that had taken place there just weeks earlier .. ... By the ideology of multiculturalism, It just wanted to raise the issue of..

whose palestine?

The reason for this recognition was not with Islamist movement's own acquiescence, the government excluded Hamas, was stacked with ministers committed to opposing Hamas's program, and offered Fatah Gaza for the in seven years. ... Hamas was not deterred even by President Abbas's statement, in the..


The Sunni Arab parts of Iraq have been turned into training ground for Islamist extremists from all parts of Arab by American invasion. Once American troops are gone, however, the action will soon move elsewhere, for U.S defeat Iraq has raised the prestige of Islamist revolutionaries..

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