do suit-wearing jihadis own the fbi?

which included dozen countries across Middle East and beyond, I was shocked to learn that both FBI's Legal Attache and Assistant Legal Attache to Saudi Arabia converted to Islam while in country.. ... What is the result of FBI having no fact-based training on Islam, sharia, and the modus..

lebanese professor calls for islamic state

Khaled Abdul Fattah Muslims Should Not Intermarry We Do not Want to See Churches in Squares of Islamic State We Call for. ... He said that Islamic calls for would Islam and its symbols the highest status and that it would allow people of other faiths to worship in their own..

the muslim brotherhood

He gave Saudis the go-ahead to increase their payments to Islamic World League, organised regime changes Pakistan, Iran and Syria, destabilised Afghanistan, and made US access to oil from the. ..


'The Islamic Republic of Iran declares that at the current stage, it does not any more see itself committed to respecting the limitations on keeping enriched uranium and heavy water reserves,' the statement said. . ..

it's always about the oil

What more did you need to know once Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted that suicide bombing Kabul, Afghanistan, claimed by Taliban, was Iranian-inspired or plotted, one in series of attacks instigated by Islamic Republic of Iran and its surrogates against American and allied interests.. ..

syria, russia and the politics of chemical weapons

Islamic Invitation Turkey, a website with links to Iran and Hizbullah, claimed that videos of the dead and injured had been uploaded to YouTube on the day before the attack. ... After several months trawling through the evidence and considering how to go about its task, the JIM decided to focus on..

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