sen. sanders shares speech on yemen war resolution

A 2016 State Department report found that the conflict had helped Al Qaeda and the Islamic State’s Yemen branch “deepen their inroads across much of the country.” ... For decades, the Saudis have funded schools, mosques, and preachers who promote an extreme form of Islam known as..

malaysia chronicle

Citing the marriage between 41-year-old man and 11-year-old girl reported in the media last year, that the man was instead tried under Islamic jurisprudence for solemnising the marriage without the permission of Shariah Court.. ..

'progressive' = the new nazi

But by embracing Islam in their politics of 'diversity' and 'inclusion,' the 'democratic socialists' tolerate Islam's anti-Semitism. The Nazis understood the connection between Islam and anti-Semitism so well that they sought Islam as an ally in their politics of..

moshe feiglin, the most dangerous man in israel

While couched in as innocuous terms as possible, with the claim that such practices merely give more freedom to local communities and the religiously inclined, this is clearly a case of creeping theocracy, a theocracy through the back door, similar to how political Islam has taken hold of Turkey and..

victory over islamic state to be announced after enclave

Bali told Reuters the operation included sweeping for mines and combing for fighters still in trenches and tunnels Baghouz, the last patch of Islamic State territory.. ... news outlet with close ties to Syrian Kurdish-led authorities, Hawar, reported that the operation was now finished and..

america’s 233-year-old shock at jihad

Sources for quotes in this article can be found in the recent book, 352 pages long and containing over thousand endnotes, it documents what many academia have sought to hide the long and bloody history between Islam and West, in the context of their eight most battles.   ... Sources for quotes..

identity politics at its most absurd

Bill must be extremely well informed about modern Turkey, to quote Ataturk to Erdoğan, an Islamist whose whole program has been the dismantling of Ataturk’s Westernisation, and the restoration of an aggressively Islamic State and culture, harking back to the former glories of the Ottoman empire. ..

forgotten victims: the children of islamic state.

By the countries they came from for fear they are future threat, The children are the forgotten victims of Islamic State betrayed by the parents. ... The children's cases are heard by juvenile court, which carries maximum one in detention membership of Islamic State. ..

it's time to kiss -

This was and continues to be the premise of Islamic expansionism and its desire to establish worldwide caliphate to make Muslim including United States. ... The Explanatory Memorandum lists its organizations and chief among them are Islamic Society of North America, and Muslim..

white nationalism. white supremacy. white power

While United States spends great of money countering radical extremists claiming the mantle of Islam in military and intelligence actions, domestically United States relies almost entirely on the police to stop attacks like Pittsburgh or jihadist-inspired attacks Orlando or San Bernardino according..


TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Force Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour said efforts will go on till the release of the remaining Iranian border guards who are kept hostage by Pakistan-based terrorists. . . . .  .  . . . . ..

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