pbs and the islamic republic of iran’s propaganda

And Morsadegh was featured in segment by CNN Reza Sayah that presented portrait of Islamic Iranian. Reza Sayah's report concealed all controversial and unsavory historical facts regarding the treatment of Iran's Jews making no attempt to probe beyond image of Islamic tolerance to provide..

iran at war

On the other hand, they might fear that the Iranian people would support the other side, spelling curtains for the Islamic Republic. . ... Iranian radical Islam today is weaker than Gorbachev & company were when the Soviet Empire imploded. . ..

h.w. bush vs. the donald

s and our nation's having bailed its Islamic regime out of Iraqi occupation, just last Thursday it conspired with Bolivia at United Nations to procedurally deep-six American resolution condemning Hamas in Gaza Strip. ..

is the women's march melting down?

These are canards popularized by The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, book published by Louis Farrakhan�s Nation of Islam��the of anti-Semitism, � in 1992 �Among significant sectors of the community, this brief has become credo of philosophy of black self-affirmation.�. ..

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