Commander of US-Backed Arab Forces Seeks Coalition with Damascus  . . Report: US Experts Working on Reemergence of ISIL Terrorists  . . Arab Analyst: Trump's Plot to Set Up Safe Zone in Northern Syria Foiled by Adana Agreement  . . ..

'us attacks 100s of daesh trucks in syria'

United States military has ramped up its offensives against Daesh terrorist group Syria, taking out scores of militant trucks during aerial raid in Arab east, according to New York Times.. The US said Monday that American warplanes for the time attacked hundreds of ISIL trucks in the day..

'us syria deployment precursor to war'

Regarding the US plan to send up to 50 special operations troops to northern Syria to advise “Kurdish and Arab forces” in their fight against Daesh (ISIL) militants, Fetzer said, 'The latest reports, however, of sending more troops to Syria are profoundly disturbing.' . . . . . ..

‘anti-hezbollah move, diversionary’

So, it is ISIS, or ISIL or Daesh—whatever you want to call them. So, I’m not sure why the members of the Arab League are saying this except that they maybe want to say something bad about any Shia forces fighting any Sunni force, but this accusation has no substance whatever. ..

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