TEHRAN - member of the presiding board of Iranian parliament blasted European states declared mechanism for trade with Tehran - known as Instrument Support of Trade Exchanges - stressing that the prerequisites stated by Europeans to launch INSTEX violate the nuclear deal... ... TEHRAN - member of..

the driving forces of the russian revolution

Under the pressure of the proletariat, Tsar has been deposed and imprisoned, the policemen of reaction arrested, and the supreme command has been withdrawn from Grand Duke Nicholas.18 The proletariat brought to life the soviet of workers deputies, the instrument of struggle born of the in 1905, the..

the cia democrats and the us midterm elections

The rise of the military-intelligence candidates in Democratic Party shows the false and character of the claims by left politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of Democratic Socialists of America that Democratic Party can be reformed and turned into instrument for justice and..

now let us resume political action (raül romeva)

It's essential, every day and from all fronts, out abnormalities, denounce indiscriminate attacks and abuses, explain that the unshakeable goal is Republic, understood as instrument to guarantee future for each and every one of the million citizens of this nation.. ..

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