a coup by any other name

US efforts to topple government have nothing to do with democracy building, intervention or responsibility to protect anathema notions Washington, despite using them as pretexts for lawless actions.. ..

interview with maduro

The people granted Bolivarian Revolution-Chavismo, in neighborhoods, in the fields and the greatest support any candidate has ever obtained in Presidential election.. ..

venezuela in crisis: a way forward

combination of incompetence, misguided ideology, and corruption have reduced once and democracy to wellspring of suffering and the source of one of the largest mass migrations ever in Western Hemisphere.1 More than two decades of expropriations and state takeover of the economy has led to economic collapse. ..

regime change 2.0: is venezuela next?

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, In the history of Venezuela and South American countries, it's often times that the military is the agent of change when things are so bad and the leadership can no longer serve the people.. ..

venezuela: critics under threat

copy of El Nacional newspaper is seen among others on shelf at Caracas on May 14, 2015 © 2015 Reuters The government of President Nicolás Maduro and its political supporters parliament are misusing the justice system to punish people for criticizing its policies, today. ..

the end of the beginning

Framing the current political tides Latin America as the 'end of the beginning helps captures how center and center-right forces now coming to power may inherit weighty commitments and face major challenges as they move along newly opened path. ..

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