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From the evidence available, it appears that the Framers vested the in President because experience in Continental Congress had disclosed the inexpediency of vesting command in group and because the lesson of English history was that danger lurked in vesting command in person separate from the responsible..

institute for justice

Constitution prohibit states and local governments from imposing excessive fines, forfeitures, and fees, just as it prohibits the government from doing so.. ..

2010 january

Suffering their first loss of the season against Franklin High did not seem to shake up the confidence of East Boston High School team one bit. ..

cary shuman

Sparked by sensational 49-point performance by junior guard Angel Price-Espada, Pope John XXIII High School team blitzed Maynard, 89-57, to capture Division 4 state championship Saturday at Springfield College. ..

2016 september

By Cary Shuman Everett High School team played one of the largest schools Massachusetts and dominated from start to finish, beating New Bedford, 51-20, in Friday at Everett Memorial Stadium. ..

2015 july

Large for Chris Warren's Diamonds In Tough Softball Camp Chris Warren was the quarterback for Lynn English High School team that went undefeated in Northeastern Conference and competed in Super Bowl at Foxboro Stadium, falling to Case High School of Swansea. ..

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