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Democratic Bernie Sanders unveiled his vision of democratic socialism during a recent speech at George Washington University.  Unfortunately, he did more to confuse the meaning of democratic socialism than to clarify it. . ..


Today's episode features work from Tax Foundation, Illinois Policy Institute, and Texas Public Policy Foundation... ..

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Family policy organization: Liberty Institute . Texas, similar to Kansas used a funding prioritization method in their recently passed 2012-2013 budget: . ..

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Obama's Patent Reform Improvement or Continuing Calamity., Mises Daily, Sep 23, 2011 I discussed AIA in further detail The American Invents Act and Patent Reform The Good, Ugly ) .., and Meh, Mises Academy ( discussed in my article. ..


Recognizing and Protecting Your Assets, The President's Forum of Houston, The Entrepreneurship Institute ., co-authored with Richard T. ..

death penalty rulings offer hope

'We are in the last days of the death penalty for juveniles,' predicted Professor Victor Streib, dean of Ohio Northern University Law School. 'Texas is the only jurisdiction in the nation, really the only jurisdiction in the world, carrying out these executions. ..


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