rumors of war: washington is looking for a fight

By bit into doctrine that featured as a, Having served in United States Army during Vietnam War and in Central Intelligence Agency for the half of Cold War, I had insider's viewpoint of how essentially pragmatic policy was being transformed bit sine qua non global dominance for Washington. ..

back to cold war and beyond

Worse still, 'Iron Curtain is once again being built across the continent, no longer running from Stettin on Baltic to Trieste on Adriatic, except from Narva in the north to Mariupol on Sea of Azov. ..

what next for the korean denuclearization?

While both countries may need more time to sober up to the harsh realities and more accurately size up each other in this ultra-high-stake roller-coaster involving nuclear weapons, realism and pragmatism need to dawn on the world that, at the core of the situation, the US and DPRK may have irreconcilable..

russia, u.s. edge toward economic warfare

Russia and West appear to be moving ever closer to full warfare as U.S and EU leaders prepare new and harsher sanctions on Russian and Russian lawmakers discuss legislation that would give authorities Moscow the ability to eject companies from Russia if they are headquartered in aggressor nations defined as..

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