what drives calls for giving ahmadis a distinct identity

Allah Wasaya versus Federation of Pakistan, issued after multiple hearings, was replete with popular charges against Ahmadis that have appeared in innumerable polemical works and in many judicial verdicts as well — that they work against the interests of both the state of Pakistan and Islam. ..


The US has arrested her only for the crime of being Iranian and Muslim and for working for Iranians, and all media should support Ms. ..

syria's al-nusra splits with al-qaeda

GoogleAMP.Body1 data-multi-size-validation= false json= { targeting { category., pt., amp., id., author., tag., kw }} layout= fixed data-multi-size= 300x600,160x600 > Syria's Al-Nusra splits with al-Qaeda, becoming Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. ..

islamic slavery and racism

French of Northern Mali, liberating towns and villages under Islamist rule, was historical echo of French of Tuareg slaves back in the colonial period.  Despite French efforts, Tuareg did their best to hang on to their slaves and  Muslim Tuareg still continue to hold thousands of slaves Northern Mali.. ..

u.s. muslims: we're patriots, too

Polls over the year showed large percentage of Americans had at least some suspicions toward Muslim- Americans, including belief that they want to institute Islamic rule as the law of the land and that they sympathize with al-Qaida.. ..

religious persecution in uzbekistan

The group was then increasing its numbers distributing literature that it had not cleared through the censorship agencies, such the institution that regulates all Islamic affairs Uzbekistan, and the Committee on Religious Affairs, department of Cabinet of Ministers.. ..


Aden ...

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