For years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been trying to exploit the growing ideological divide within European Union to dismantle the union's consensus on Israeli- Palestinian conflict. ..

nationalism: right on time

Thanks to the aerial strikes that we launched on Pakistani soil against terrorist camp in response to the killing of CRPF and the diplomatic offensive that followed resulting in the release of Abhinandan Varthaman after Pakistan captured him, Prime Minister's bold stand will be appreciated by voters, he adds...

in germany, the press hosts the press briefings

Brady Press Briefing Room at White House, only 49 of them privileged enough to have seat, competing like school kids for the attention of the president or, more often, his press secretary, wrangling with White House aides over the microphone and granted speaking privileges at the whim of whoever is at the..

german enterprises visit hunan xiangjiang new area

Representatives of German enterprises experience intelligent driving at the Changsha Intelligent Driving Institute. . . German guests feel the good momentum of German enterprise’s investment in Changsha when inspecting the Changsha Zurbruggen China Headquarters project at Yanghu area. . ...

hitler's logical holocaust

Liberated in 1989 from the communism that followed German occupation, allied to United States NATO since 1999, linked to its neighbors in European Union since 2004, Poland is beneficiary of the globalization of post-Communist years.. ..

germany must confront muslim anti-semitism

The mainstream narrative is that old-school German nationalists and Alternative for Deutschland party are responsible for recent spikes in attacks on Jewish people... ... Arguably, the hostile attitudes directed at Jewish people by sections of Muslim community have emboldened..

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He's traveled to China, heralded what he called a turning point American military affairs, signed Presidential Memorandum that prohibits future oil and gas drilling Alaska's Bristol Bay and land areas near it and announced director for White House Council for Strong Cities, Strong Communities, to boot.. ..


Twelve European nations, among them countries whose differences dragged the world to war twice in this century, have pledged to complete by 1992 what was once dismissed as impossible - end to frontiers and creation of single, unified marketplace... ..

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