china infiltrates american campuses

By revocation of the contract, The Confucius Institute constitution requires all universities to avoid tarnish the reputation of Confucius Institutes — offense punishable, immediate loss of all Hanban funds, and potential unspecified legal action.. ..

how to save a constitutional democracy

The question of in United States has come up more and more often since the election, and in their forthcoming book, How to Save Constitutional Democracy, Tom Ginsburg, Leo Spitz Professor of International Law and Ludwig and Hilde Wolf Research Scholar and Aziz Huq, Frank and Bernice J. ..

many countries favor specific religions

The State respects and protects all lawful activities of Buddhists and of followers of other religions, mobilizes and encourages Buddhist monks and novices and the priests of other religions to participate in activities that are beneficial to the country and people.. ..

china's charter 08

hundred years have passed the anniversary of the appearance of Democracy Wall Beijing, and the tenth of China's signing of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. ..

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