rumors of war: washington is looking for a fight

By bit into doctrine that featured as a, Having served in United States Army during Vietnam War and in Central Intelligence Agency for the half of Cold War, I had insider's viewpoint of how essentially pragmatic policy was being transformed bit sine qua non global dominance for Washington. ..

afghan good enough

As Taliban, prompted by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, becomes ever more aggressive, Afghan and civil society asking for help to protect the gains they've made, and nobody either in U.S government or on the left seems to be listening.. ..

political tribalism is overstated

This view, increasingly popular since the election, can leave the impression that partisans are unmovable by facts and logic, that they no longer want to associate with anyone on the other side, or that they would follow their leaders into battle against fellow citizens.. ..

court backs religious freedom

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld federal law for prisoners and mental patients, ruling that Congress has the power to require that state institutions accommodate the reasonable religious needs of those under their control.. ..


Addis Ababa ...

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