what teacher walkouts changed in our politics

Lewis helped form leads Save Our School Arizona, organization of teachers, parents, retired educators, and public-school advocates that pushed referendum onto the ballot, Proposition 305, that let Arizona voters decide the fate of bill passed in the legislature that would expand voucher..

about karen sloan

The University of Illinois College of Law's Student Bar Association is calling for the resignation of Jay Kesan, after investigation revealed he had acted with female students and colleagues and did not violate the campus sexual misconduct policy... ..

alexander joffe

Educated at Cornell University and University of Arizona, he is Shillman-Ginsburg fellow of Middle East Forum, scholar at Institute for Community and Jewish Research, r for Jewish Ideas Daily. ..

how she wants to modify muslims

As she notes, scholars of Koran have long distinguished between the eighty-six chapters, or suras, revealed at Prophet Muhammad's hometown of Mecca and the twenty-eight suras revealed later, during his exile at Medina. ..

teachers and the political struggle

The decision by teachers to run for office follows the frustration of educators in the aftermath of the betrayal of the statewide strikes by AFT, affiliates and the impasse facing teachers and school employees. ..

the frankenbook project

Back June of 2016, I was invited to Brocher Institute Hermance, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva, to take part in Frankenstein's Shadow Symposium sponsored by Arizona State University's Center for Science and Imagination as part of their Frankenstein Bicentennial project.. ..

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