iran: preserving the nuclear deal

Last year, Europe's efforts contributed to halting Rohingya refugees forced return to Myanmar coordinated pressure from Europe, U.S and Turkey played in averting Russian-backed reconquest of Idlib Syria and normalisation of relations both between Serbia and Kosovo and among Western Balkans states continues to..

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A new study commissioned by the Association of American Law Schools looks at the motivations of aspiring law students and how they approach their search for the right school. . . . . . African-American Law Prof Arrested During Traffic Stop Plans Civil Rights Suit . ..

election 2018

Her research interest includes exploring the impact of Hispanic population growth real and perceived on relations between Blacks and Whites in United States based on range of quantitative methods and data sources, including lab, survey, and field experiments... ..

displaced in darfur

The community has failed to respond to Darfur, the lives of some 400,000 people, displaced around 3 million , and forced additional 400,000 to flee across the border into Chad. ..

march, 2013

Shackles, masters and African slave labor do not tend to be the things most often associated with Colonial New England, except that peculiar institution so in Deep South during Colonial times was just as Revere. ..

anc says sanctions should stay

SOWETO, SOUTH AFRICA — Members of African National Congress voted Saturday to reject the lifting of economic sanctions against South Africa, one day after their leader asked them to re-evaluate the group's position in light of changes taking place in the country.. ..


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