for iranians, the war has already begun

Living a double life between the United States and Iran, I struggle daily with moments of despair and alienation: I am simply unable to communicate my concerns with the most caring colleagues at work and at school. US civil society is so devoid of a voice representing my position that I..


The bill also required the government and Armed Forces to act, if necessary, in way that the US forces and other terrorists will not be able to use the existing capabilities and possibilities against Islamic Republic of Iran's interests after receiving permission from Ayatollah Khamenei.. ..

the rawlsian diagnosis of donald trump

Liberal ideas and institutions have come under sustained assault by avowedly anti-liberal social and political forces, and it would be little short of tragic if the predominant liberal response was to engage in handwringing about the flaws of liberalism rather than to join the political and battle against the..

malaysia chronicle

statement released on Friday by Department of Justice  marking the opening of brand new case related to 1MDB has revealed astonishing new twist to 1MDB saga, revealing that one of the department's own officials has admitted to having been bribed by 'the prime architect of 1MDB to influence decisions at DOJ..

russia’s middle eastern position in 2025

For example, 1984 report by CIA analyst Fritz Ermarth observed that, The future of Soviet Union as superpower, East-West power balance, and the chance of US- Soviet in the next two decades are likely to be determined, more than anywhere else, in the south of Soviet borders stretching from India to the Eastern..

the united states and china at a crossroads

Now, to be fair, we've always had relationship — even at the very inception of US- China relations in 1972, when our countries began their long journey to normalization and new forms of cooperation yet were fighting each other on Southeast Asian battlefields through Cold War proxies Vietnam.. ..

7 facts about american catholics

In spite of its size and influence, the recent decades has faced number of significant challenges, from membership to shortage of priests to continuing revelations that some Catholic clergy abused minors and that their superiors covered up these actions.. ..

march scandals

By the snowballing of sentry by boodlums, Boston Massacre of March 5th, 1770, was the wanton shooting of patriotic citizens by soldiery, or riot provoked, will always be matter of dispute by historians Despite this dispute, the importance and impact of this event is accepted. ..

douglas a. rediker

He is also the partner of International Capital Strategies, LLC, Washington, DC-based economy consultancy founded in 2012 and member of the board of directors of Cowen Group. Until April 2016, he was visiting fellow at Peterson Institute for International Economics. ..


American ...

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