spotlight once more on extrajudicial killings

Just the week before, his government had been embroiled in ruckus over the approval of resolution at United Nations Human Rights Council, urging UN High Commissioner on Human Rights to look into the killings including those related to the war on drugs and produce written comprehensive report on the human..

institute for justice

Constitution prohibit states and local governments from imposing excessive fines, forfeitures, and fees, just as it prohibits the government from doing so.. ..

before the law

It's the independence of the judiciary, the separation of powers, the preservation of fundamental rights, or just fairness, the policy of justice-never the specific social interests or purposes of policies-that is discussed.. ..

kirchner aims to redress abuse

Since 1981, Almeida has spent every Thursday afternoon in Plaza de Mayo, the in front of Argentina's pink mansion, demanding the government prosecute those responsible for kidnapping and killing son, Alejandro.. ..


Americans ...

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