in memoriam: professor william w. van alstyne

Bill was one of the great figures American law, and member of William & Mary community for many years, wrote Law School Dean Davison M. ... He chaired the Association of American Law School's Committee on Academic Freedom from 1981 to 1983.. ..

charter schools and the attack on public education

Roy Romer, the superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District, is its spokesman, and it counts among its supporters diverse crowd — from Rod Paige, the secretary of education, to Janet Murguia, president and CEO of National Council of La Raza. ... Among the scheduled speakers at main..

a double yes to europe

Statistics issued by Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy confirmed that it was the younger portion of the population that sealed the fate of PSD 31 percent of all voters were aged between 18 and 35 most large cities and had made up their mind about voting long before election day... ..

laws that need breaking

On the eve of Great Depression, Phoenix, Arizona, represented a western apogee of segregation with George Washington Carver High School for Blacks, the  Phoenix Indian School and several. ... For her part, Judy Burns, president of Tucson Unified School District's governing..

educational apartheid in america

Duncan, CEO of Chicago Public Schools, presided over the implementation and expansion of agenda that militarized and corporatized the school system in the nation, one that is about 90 percent nonwhite. ... Nor did they consider teachers, and students at Senn High School who organized,..


By harsh drought and other climate shocks in, YAOUNDE, Jan 31 - Teenage girls growing up in areas hit Lesotho are more likely to drop out of school, start having earlier and contract HIV, .. ..

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