in memoriam: professor william w. van alstyne

Bill was one of the great figures American law, and member of William & Mary community for many years, wrote Law School Dean Davison M. ... He chaired the Association of American Law School's Committee on Academic Freedom from 1981 to 1983.. ..

a people's history of the chicago teachers union

AFT led important struggles for freedom during World War I school superintendents convinced their employees to leave AFT and join NEA. With the unions divided and the bureaucracies of the unions too often seeking to collaborate, rather than confront, the school board and elite destroying..


Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) 20 September 2018 . . ... International Press Institute 27 February 2014 . . . 'Egypt ranked the third-deadliest country for the press in 2013' . ..

97% of iran affected by long-term drought: expert

Iman Babaeian, caretaker director of the Climatological Research Institute, also told ISNA that over the coming months the country will receive normal precipitations, however, regarding climate change in long-term precipitation amounts will drop, so that national plans to provide the country with..

university criticizes new title ix rules

New rules would limit the definition of sexual harassment to “unwelcome conduct on the basis of sex that is so severe, pervasive and objectively offensive that it denies a person access to the school’s education program or activity.” ... In interviews with the News, Alyssa Peterson LAW ’19..

early critic of
 homophobic repression

A decade before Alfred Kinsey founded the Institute for Sex Research in the United States, sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld was dying in France, where he was exiled after fleeing public death threats by the Nazi government. Hirschfeld was the founder of the Institute for Sexual Research and an..


By harsh drought and other climate shocks in, YAOUNDE, Jan 31 - Teenage girls growing up in areas hit Lesotho are more likely to drop out of school, start having earlier and contract HIV, .. ..

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