beaten to death in prison

Editor’s note: This is the tenth in a collaborative series with the R Street Institute exploring conservative approaches to criminal justice reform. . ... SteVon Felton (@FeltonStevon) and Emily Mooney (@emilymmooney) are policy associates on the R Street Institute’s Justice team. . ...

america fiddles while california burns

The Costs of War issued by Brown University's Watson Institute estimates that United States so-called War on Terrorism has killed about half million people Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and about half of those killed were civilians.   ... But Watson Institute's report can be found..

no one owns a culture

Robert Higgs is Senior Fellow Political Economy at Independent Institute, author or editor of over Independent books, and Editor at Large of Independent's quarterly journal The Independent Review... ..

nine faculty members named women’s leadership fellows

. • Jessica Kissinger, Distinguished Research Professor in the department of genetics in Franklin College of Arts and Sciences and director of Institute of Bioinformatics. ... Wilder is in the department of in Lamar Dodd School of Art and has served on President's Task Force on Student..

eu to launch "spy school" in greece

The European Union is considering establishing school which will be led by Greece and Cyprus, Politico reported on Monday... ... The journal obtained draft of document containing details of the joint spy school and sixteen other new projects. ..

the psychology of fascism – canadian dimension

They then try to ‘feel powerful’ by seeking violent control over these people themselves or by seeking to have violent control exercised over these people by various ‘authorities’, ranging from school teachers and religious figures to the police, military and various corporate and government..

socialism in american english : indybay

The survivors of school shootings demonstrate against the sales of assault rifles. . ... In the following weeks, teachers, school bus drivers, employees of school administration and kitchen personnel joined the unions call to strike in all West Virginia’s 55 districts. ..

myanmar’s press freedom mirage

Heizman's lone-wolf  anti- Rohingya antics have been embraced by range of local institutions and officials University of Yangon, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  policy think-tank Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies, and Rakhine National Races Affairs Minister Yangon.. ..


In August, Saudi air raid hit school bus killing total of 51 people, among them children, and injuring 79 others, mostly children.. ..

ellen jansen - research database

Factors that contribute to school students self-efficacy in being university student van Rooij, E., Jansen, E & van de Grift, W. 13-Dec-2017 In Research Post-compulsory Education 22, 4, p 535-555 21 p. ..

about karen sloan

Former Charlotte School of Law Professor Barbara Bernier alleged that the school defrauded the government of close to $300 in student loans, and judge ruled that her allegations were too vague and were barred by earlier suits... ... Pepperdine University School of Law dean..

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