the science is settled

The study published by journal  Nature on Oct 31 by researchers at Princeton University and UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography claimed the oceans were warming at 60 percent higher than previously thought.. ..

national priorities and institutions

Lack of institutions that could promote decision making for the benefit of both state and the people have resulted in non- institutionalized decision making that resulted in the rise of personalized decision making based either on fiat or the political chicanery.. ..

a state in denial

We saw this absurd approach during the standoff on Aasia Bibi acquittal.  The state, through its defeatist response, rewarded the extremists for their belligerence and intransigence.. ..

republicans have a woman problem

In his desire to protect Trump’s nominee, he made public his disbelief of Christine Blasey Ford, the clinical psychologist who accused Kavanaugh of inappropriately touching her without consent while the two were in high school. . . ..

how the jews changed the world and we don’t even know it

No Jewish community existed without a school. Even the Greeks and Romans came nowhere near creating a written culture, 2 and the medieval world saw even greater drops in literacy. ... Blacks, slaves, non-clergy), but it took until 1918 for every US state to require students to complete elementary..

government news 18/11

On November 16, Thang had a working visit to the Nico López School of Higher Education of the CPC, and signed a cooperation agreement in 2018-2023 between the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and the school.  . At a meeting with lecturers of the Cuban school, Thang..

two new school buildings committed to eastie

Welch added that BPS will also committed to building facility that will house 7 to 12th grade school... ... Some of the proposed ideas included the addition of grade level at some schools, creating feeder patterns among smaller schools, completely renovating existing buildings, adding..

the land that failed to fail

He spent those years at a “cadre school” doing manual labor and teaching Marxism in an army unit. After Mao’s death, he was assigned to a state research institute tasked with fixing the economy. ..

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