silent spring: 50+ years after

By squandering mammoth amounts of money on military in, Governments egos are better served2018 United States spent USD$ 825 billion on weapons, and China spent USD 48 in 2017, according to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. . ..

severe crimes may sway juror feelings about guilt

By the same amount of evidence, are more likely to be convinced, says lead John Pearson, in the biostatistics and bioinformatics in Duke University School of Medicine.. ... There's in the fact that the better method is, the harder it's to remember that it's sometimes wrong, says Pate Skeene, in..


On Issues Marquette Law School October Poll 🗓. For questions or assistance, please contact Colin Schmies at schmies@wispolitics com or 608-206-0476... © 2017 WisPolitics com All rights reserved... ..

the alternative to ideology

This is fine critique of Cato Institute and Koch brothers vision of libertarian policy and - surprisingly for someone spending lot of time immersed libertarian thinking - Jerry demonstrates common misunderstanding of libertarian thinking. ..

examining u.s.-saudi arabia relations

Please join Center for American Progress and American Enterprise Institute for discussion on the future of American relations with Saudi Arabia and the likely impact of recent events on military, diplomatic, and economic cooperation.. ... Karen Young, Resident Scholar, American Enterprise..

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