croatia: end confinement of people with disabilities

Restraints on in room for Lopača Psychiatric Hospital, in southwest Croatia.  © 2014 Emina Ćerimović Human Rights Watch Croatia's government should end the confinement of children and adults in institutions, five disabled people's and human rights organizations said in letter to Prime Minister Andrej..

social issues - news

The government released preliminary results of a survey on medical school entrance exams in the wake of a prestigious university admitting it lowered the scores of women to curb their enrollment. . . . . ..

karen de coster

Florida man apologized Tuesday for boarding his school bus earlier this month and threatening the children and the driver, saying he acted out of frustration over.. ..

joseph william singer

Professor Joseph William Singer has been teaching at Harvard Law School since 1992. ... He began teaching at Boston University School of Law in 1984. Singer received a B.A. from Williams College in 1976, an A.M. in political science from Harvard in 1978, and a J.D. from Harvard Law..

boomer opinion: energized for elections

If you believe he did commit sexual assault back in school, then lied about his saintly behavior as a teen before the Senate, you can get only one piece of satisfaction: he will never again proudly prance into a public place with the full respect of any audience before him. ..

healthline survey on sex education in america

Yet in 2017 survey, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 40 percent of school students had already engaged in sexual activity... ... Comprehensive school-based education should provide fact and medically-based information that complements and augments the children..

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