looking south for filipino

By comparing our experiences with that of, For column, I wanted to look at why we are and I do this Indonesia, more than double our population.. ... What's striking is that the 2010 census of Indonesia found 20 percent of people spoke Indonesian at home, retaining their native languages..

diplomatic channel - world

China-Indonesia ties strengthened Ambassador. On the occasion of the anniversary of Founding of People's Republic of China, Global Times sat with the Indonesian Ambassador to China Djauhari Oratmangun at his Beijing to talk about his perspectives of the key elements for bilateral ties.. ..

asia/indonesia - joko widodo confirmed president, the

ASIA INDONESIA - Joko Widodo confirmed President, Bishops it's important to accept the result of the vote.. ... Yesterday, Electoral Commission of Indonesia announced that President Joko Widodo is the winner of the elections, officially declaring that Joko Widodo and his Ma'ruf Amin..

indonesia: new book on ethnic, religious violence

The 280-page book, Race, Islam and Power Ethnic and Religious Violence Post-Suharto Indonesia, was published by Monash University Publishing week before Indonesia's general elections on April 17, 2019. ... he introduced long-form reporting Indonesia, said Elaine Pearson,..

indonesia president has big poll lead as election nears

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Opinion surveys two weeks ahead of presidential and legislative elections in the world's third-largest democracy show Indonesian President Joko Widodo and his ruling coalition maintaining large lead over the rival camp.. ... Subianto's campaign has focused on what he sees as..

asian human rights commission

In the last two years, under the government of President Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla, the execution of death row inmates Indonesia has occurred frequently. ... Asian Human Rights Commission, regional, non-governmental, human rights Asia, has learned of the situation on the war against..

a case study in uncreative destruction

On October 29, 2018, Boeing 737 Max 8 belonging to Lion Air Indonesia crashed into Java Sea 12 minutes after take-off. ... In the aftermath of the tragedy, this has led to Australia, China, Germany, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, and United Kingdom grounding the planes....


Indonesia is urged to amend the law to uphold rights while meeting security concerns. ‎ ... Indonesia has imprisoned more holding demonstrations, and raising separatist flags.. ..

indonesia’s imminent presidential election

recent survey by one of the more reliable public opinion firms Indonesia gave Jokowi 55 percent approval rating compared to 35 percent for Subianto. ... The outcome for long-term U.S.- Indonesia relations would be victory for Jokowi that makes it easier for him to fix some of the..

us-china trade war is a ‘blessing in disguise’ for

There is also some blessing in disguise for country like Indonesia, other than China, Airlangga Hartarto told RT when asked about the consequences of the trade war.. The minister added that Indonesia can benefit from more investment in the country, while the region may even become more..

widodo puts islam front and center ahead of polls

Azyumardi Azra, head of the school at Indonesia's State Islamic University, asserts that 212 named 2016 was more movement than religious one and was always destined to drift apart.. Indonesia's and Muslim organization, and also the chairman of Indonesian Ulema Council, the nation's top..

#metoo comes to indonesia – asia sentinel

By indecent telephone calls from the school, Recently teacher named Baiq Nuril Maknun on Indonesia's Lombok island was harassed's principal, and over and over asked her to join him in room for tryst.. ... Sexual violence against Indonesia, traditional male-dominated society, is sparking..

asia/indonesia - catholic women are committed to promoting

This was reiterated by over 600 delegates attending Congress of Catholic Women's Association of Indonesia, coming from the 37 dioceses of the country. ... President Justina Rostiawati recalled that Association has carried out numerous interreligious programs for emancipation, economic well-being..

islamic state finds safe haven in the philippines

Most are coming from neighboring Indonesia and Malaysia, using Mindanao's through the seas of Sulu and Celebes, known as Sulawesi Sea Indonesia.. ... Some of these foreign terrorists are coming in through our porous borders, referring to Sulu and Sulawesi seas that Philippines shares..

reinhard rusli

Two arms dealers from Indonesia who contacted undercover agents Maryland and tried to buy restricted military equipment were sentenced to just more than in Baltimore yesterday.. ... Last August, Rusli and Soedirdja sent $2,950 from Indonesia to United States to obtain the equipment. ..

obama sells “made in america” overseas

Today, I'm speaking to you from Indonesia as I finish up my trip to Asia Pacific the region where we do most of our trade and sell most of our exports. ... Here Indonesia, I was proud to join leaders from some of our nation's top companies as they announced trade deals that will support..

6.1-magnitude quake strikes indonesia

Jakarta,   An earthquake measuring 6.1 on Richter scale struck Indonesia's Sulawesi on Friday and there were no immediate reports of casualties.. ... Indonesia's ever tremor struck Sumatra in 2014 and triggered tsunami that killed 280,000 people in around dozen countries along Indian..

press briefing on upcoming asia trip – the 1600 report

Then the morning of the 10th - the 10th is Heroes Day Indonesia, major holiday, so President will begin the day by laying wreath at Heroes Cemetery Jakarta. But he'll deliver speech to Indonesian people, and in that speech he'll have chance talk about the partnership that we're building with..

gloucestershire, england

Bush should not come to Indonesia, shouted Muhammad Ismail Yusanto, saying Bush was responsible for the in Palestinian territories, Iraq and Afghanistan. Bush is scheduled to visit Indonesia, close ally in the war on terror, on Nov 20, after he attends Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation..


America and other states have long pressured Indonesia to clamp down on violent Islamic extremists. ... al-Qaida Southeast Asia said last month that al-Qaida was trying to foment Indonesia. ..

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