three awarded tenure at prairie state college

Prairie State College announced at Board of Trustees meeting that three faculty members had met the college's expectations for tenure, including commitment to student success, collaboration with their peers and dedication to the college's mission and core values.. ... She has in..

your illinois news radar » 2016 » june

Illinois House and Senate on Thursday approved budget that would keep state government afloat for six months, ensure schools open this fall and provide help to struggling Chicago Public Schools after Republican Gov. ... Over half of the shelter's funding, or about $255,000 year, is provided by..

your illinois news radar » 2015 » april

Like lot of things Springfield, it's broken and complicated, and Illinois Clean Jobs bill is the only one that fixes it and allows the free market to operate Illinois like it does in states like New York and Massachusetts, where solar and wind are taking off. ... Illinois House..

your illinois news radar » 2012 » april

. * Illinois Review pointed to this 2008 Gallup poll today. By dollar pack to help fund, Hispanics and whites fall in between, at 17% and 20%, respectively.. * The chart. * The Question Is it fair to increase the tax Medicaid costs when such high percentages of poor people will be impacted. ... ..

illinois' ryan out of bounds

Jeb Bush was quick to react to Illinois Gov. There is no basis Florida for wholesale moratorium or wholesale pardon of all Death Row inmates, ment issued by Bush's office.. ... More than two years ago, Ryan issued moratorium on executions and has sought to change Illinois's death..

governor of illinois empties death row

The action was the culmination of exhaustive review of Illinois Death Row cases that began three years ago when Ryan ordered moratorium on executions after disclosures that 13 Death Row inmates had been convicted. ... The magnitude of the decision is going to be impetus for reform, said Edwin..


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