endless anti-syria propaganda war

Syrian bombs destroyed Tarmala Maternity and Children's Hospital Idlib — Pentagon-led specialty. ... It slammed the campaign by Syrian and Russian forces against US-supported terrorists Idlib province, their last in the country.. ..

damascus presses idlib attack, artillery hits turkish

Idlib and nearby areas in the last five days has strained Russian- Turkish deal that has staved off government since September. ... Turkey, already hosting 3.6 Syrian refugees and hoping to avoid another influx, has established dozen military positions Idlib and nearby areas agreement..


By the terrorist groups in the demilitarized zone, TEHRAN - The Syrian army destroyed several key targets of the Northern Hama and Southern Idlib in response to continued attacks.. ... By targeting and destroying their positions in, Other Syrian Army's units Southeastern Idlib responded..

to end syria's war, assad must go

Another winter is coming, and with it time for the refugees living in settlements and the civilians trapped in places like Idlib, Aleppo, and Ghouta, the last of. ... Last week, Raed al- Saleh, head of the much-maligned White Helmets, told United Kingdom's Daily Telegraph that Idlib,..

huge blast kills 11 people in syria’s idlib

Explosion kills Syria's militant-held city of Idlib. massive explosion killed at least 11 people Syria's militant-held city of Idlib on July 23, 2017. Nearly dozen people have been killed in massive explosion that rocked the city of Idlib northwestern Syria, targeting gathering..

the looming massacre in idlib

The regime of Syrian Bashar al- Assad is threatening to carry out massive assault on the province of Idlib, including potential chemical weapons attack, in bid to crush one of the last strongholds of opposition. ... By air forces of the regime and, Idlib region has suffered bombing..

former rebels to fight in idlib

In the past few weeks, Assad, Russia, and Iran have been preparing for Idlib province, 2018 by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the battle is postponed to some in the future. ... Idlib, in contrast, is controlled by Islamist factions and..

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