Their study, published in advance of next week's elections for European Parliament, found that Hungary is the country that works hardest to block EU decisions critical of Israeli policies, while Ireland is EU's most active critic of these policies. ... The countries more supportive of Israeli..

how powerful was the ‘soviet nato’?

The organization included Soviet Union, German Democratic Republic, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Albania. ... Unlike Hungary, this time Soviets decided not to act alone, except to involve all the organization's members... ..

sudan in limbo - international

Hungary last week faced renewed criticism for its anti-migration measures after it deported two Afghan families to neighboring Serbia late at night.. ... Hungary amended its asylum criteria last year to deny the petitions of people. ..

hungary is lost – other news

This narrative is mixture of elements from Hungary's history, including Hungary's of Europe and Christianity from Ottoman since the century, the freedom fight against Austria in 1848 ( with the emphasis now on nationalism and. ... And Soros is using to dismantle Hungary, Europe..

president russell m. nelson: 'closing remarks'

Temples are announced for Pago Pago, American Samoa Okinawa City, Okinawa Neiafu, Tonga Tooele Valley, Utah Moses Lake, Washington San Pedro Sula, Honduras Antofagasta, Chile and Budapest, Hungary.. ... New temples are to be built Pago Pago, American Samoa Okinawa City, Okinawa Neiafu, Tonga..

the free press under threat in central europe

In Hungary, for example, oligarch Lájos Simicska, longtime friend of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, created empire credited with paving the way with its positive coverage for Orbán's in 2010. In November of last year, the owners of the majority of pro-government Hungary formed..

beyond anti-democratic temptation

To the shock of many observers, quarter of Hungary's Viktor Orbán decided to erect 175km wall intended to reject the refugee wave coming from Serbia. ... What in the early 1990s appeared Baltic states, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia joined EU. ..

the fake threat of jewish communism

In what Hanebrink calls the World War I Eastern Europe, including Russian, Soviet- Polish war, and Romanian of Béla Kun and Miklós Horthy's White Terror Hungary, sovereignty panic intensified the catastrophic consequences for Jews, particularly Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine.. ..

europe’s refugee crisis

By tightening their borders and attempting to discourage the influx of asylum seekers through physical and legal barriers, While the crackdown has been the most and Hungary,28 governments across Europe, from wealthy nations like Germany to smaller and poorer countries in Balkans, have responded. ..

viktor orbán’s far-right vision for europe

That summer, Orbán's government began to construct fence along Hungary's borders with Serbia and Croatia, halting immigration to country.  ... Following Treaty of Trianon, after First World War, divided up the Austro- Hungarian Empire, Szeged found at the intersection of Hungary,..

hungary hungers for german tanks

These will include Germany and Italy, probably Spain and Portugal and France, Greece, probably some of Balkan nations from among Yugoslavia, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Rumania or others... ..

orban vs. soros university

Soros is, funding Budapest whose purpose is to undermine the political and order of Hungary.. ... Part of Orban's popularity has to do with his willingness to say that Hungarians ought to be deciding the future of Hungary, and to say it, and to back it up with policies.. ..


Hungary's independent daily, Népszabadság, was suspended October. This report presents the findings of three-month study focused on mapping, observing and analysing online harassment of journalists Hungary. ... Civil Defamation and Media Freedom Hungary Trends and..

hungary dwindles, by corentin léotard & ludovic

This rhetoric has long shaped nationalism based on the reunion of the nation beyond the borders imposed on Hungary more recently, migrants from outside Europe.. ... This naturalisation policy has failed to reverse the sharp decline of Hungary's population, fell below 9.8 million by 2017..

then let’s dissolve the people…

It's true that the welfare state was able to cushion the blow of unemployment far more generously than Poland, Hungary, Romania and other countries Germany, many education and employment histories threatened to become worthless from one moment to the next.. ... See Marta Bucholc, Maciej..

soros group kicked out of hungary

anti-Semitic action we have seen was George Soros making his first fortune by pointing out where Jews Hungary lived and where they kept their valuables for. ... The government of Hungary has denigrated and misrepresented our work and repressed civil society for the sake of political..

wise men against the grain

The Horthy government, having second thoughts, entered into peace negotiations causing Germany to occupy Hungary and place Arrow Cross power. Russian army invaded Hungary, whose troops fell back toward Germany as part of Wehrmacht's retreat. ..

in print: "crashing the party"

Almost three decades the gender pay gap is Hungary than it's in neighboring Austria. More significantly, 73 percent of children between the ages of 3 and 6 attend formal kindergartens Hungary, compared to only 26 percent attendance Austria among children the same age. ..

soros university plans move to vienna

The university, came under pressure after Orbán government passed law stipulating that foreign universities operating Hungary must also be in their home countries... ... With Central European University's departure one of the last remaining pro-West institutions would be leaving..

the opportunistic rise of europe’s far right

Few imagined that mere 25 years later, it would be Western Europe and United States drifting towards the populism that triumphed first Hungary and Poland, Netherlands, and U.K. ... Hungarian Guard talks about following in the footsteps of Arrow Cross, Hungary's fascist party that murdered..


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