irgc deputy commander on help to houthis

IRGC Deputy Commander General Ali Fadavi If We Had Forces Yemen, Houthis Would Be Riyadh by Now. IRGC Deputy Commander General Ali Fadavi said in May 30, 2019 interview on Channel TV that Houthi fighters Yemen have achieved what they have because Yemenis are intelligent and because they..

war with iran irrational for us

Anonymous U.S government sources claimed the attacks were carried out by Houthis, the group currently in charge of Yemen's capital and. While it has supported Houthi movement, experts say Iran's current level of involvement with Houthis is limited or non-existent. ..

is iran winning in yemen?

Hussein Badreddin al- Houthi, the founder and chief ideologue of Houthi movement, lived for Qom, Iran for Shia religious studies, the leader of Iranian revolution. ... In May 2015, Financial Times reported that ties between Hezbollah and Houthis stretch back over decade and..

yemen: the us has blood on its hands

While talks over Yemen's future grind on between Houthi rebels and the government of President Hadi, US Donald Trump's administration has made clear it will continue to support Hadi, via Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies. ... Even now, with Houthis and the 'internationally recognised..

the only way to end the war in yemen

Houthis are more sophisticated and better able to strike beyond Yemen's borders than they were at the start of Iranian influence has expanded and the relationship between Houthis and Lebanon's Hezbollah has deepened. ... There is one expeditious way for Saudi Arabia to end this..

the war in yemen is not a war, it is a massacre

By conflict between, For almost four years, Yemen, Arab poorest country, has been ravaged Houthi rebels and supporters of Yemen's recognized government. ... Iran has sent armaments and military advisers to help Houthis, thus exacerbating their long-held animosity against Saudis. ..


Yemen ...

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