Shahlai remains alive, and for the time being, will continue to manage Iran's with Houthis while interfacing with other allied Iranian proxies elsewhere, namely Hezbollah Lebanon, where Houthi media outlet al- Masirah is based. ... The benefits already derived from Shahlai and the rest..

wars and conflict

And lot of the time we tend to slip into this very idea of what proxy is, what proxy force is, and we work on the basis that Saudi Arabia has command and control over group X, Iran has command and control over Houthis, et cetera, et cetera. And good example of that is Stockholm Agreement last..

daily times

Despite claims of responsibility by Houthis, that the strikes on Saudi, Khurais and Abqaiq, was the work of Iran. ... Houthis threatened to attack dozens of targets in UAE, including the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. ..

yemeni houthis claim hundreds of saudi troops killed,

There was no immediate Saudi response to Yemeni Houthis claim on Saturday, Sept 26 that three Saudi brigades had fallen, dozens of soldiers and officers were killed or injured and thousands captured, including Saudi officers in raid of the Saudi Najran border region.. ... this was the most..

saudis propose peace while waging war

On Friday, that Yemeni Houthis said they halting their missiles strikes on Saudi Arabia after Gulf kingdom offered them peace deal, adding. ... On Saturday, Houthi Abdul-Malik al- Houthi said attacks into the depth of territory of the aggressors would become more crushing and..

why the press struggles to cover the war in yemen

fight for power between tribal and government factions within Yemen escalated March of that year, when Saudi Arabia and other Arab states intervened with air strikes to fight the growing influence of Iran on Houthis. ... Foreign journalists remain caught between Houthi-controlled and..

war with iran irrational for us

Anonymous U.S government sources claimed the attacks were carried out by Houthis, the group currently in charge of Yemen's capital and. While it has supported Houthi movement, experts say Iran's current level of involvement with Houthis is limited or non-existent. ..

is iran winning in yemen?

Hussein Badreddin al- Houthi, the founder and chief ideologue of Houthi movement, lived for Qom, Iran for Shia religious studies, the leader of Iranian revolution. ... In May 2015, Financial Times reported that ties between Hezbollah and Houthis stretch back over decade and..

yemen: the us has blood on its hands

While talks over Yemen's future grind on between Houthi rebels and the government of President Hadi, US Donald Trump's administration has made clear it will continue to support Hadi, via Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies. ... Even now, with Houthis and the 'internationally recognised..

the only way to end the war in yemen

Houthis are more sophisticated and better able to strike beyond Yemen's borders than they were at the start of Iranian influence has expanded and the relationship between Houthis and Lebanon's Hezbollah has deepened. ... There is one expeditious way for Saudi Arabia to end this..

the war in yemen is not a war, it is a massacre

By conflict between, For almost four years, Yemen, Arab poorest country, has been ravaged Houthi rebels and supporters of Yemen's recognized government. ... Iran has sent armaments and military advisers to help Houthis, thus exacerbating their long-held animosity against Saudis. ..

america is not an innocent bystander in yemen

In one of those gobsmacking twists that tend to in complicated battlefields with multiple actors harboring variety of political goals, Emiratis, Americans, and Houthis share in Qaeda, and given Houthi ties to Iran and Hezbollah, forging anti- AQAP Yemen seems out of the question.. ... The..

how the u.s. is making the war in yemen worse

., said, Houthis wanted to be affiliated with Iranians much more than Iranians wanted to be affiliated with them... Houthis were more useful to Saleh who he thought posed threat to his power, ing the Royal Saudi Air Force that his headquarters was Houthi target multiple reports..

there is no ‘proxy war’ in yemen

Ostensibly, Saudi-UAE military campaign was to oust Houthi-led rebels who unseated Saudi-backed puppet-president Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi January 2015. Houthis generally belong to Zaidi Islam, branch of Shiite sect. Branding Houthis makes for easy and categorization of who the..

there is no proxy war in yemen

Houthis, politico-religious group known Hussein Badreddin al- Houthi, formed opposition to Yemeni Ali Abdullah Saleh.. Houthis generally belong to Zaidi Islam, branch of Shiite sect. The fact is Zaidis are generally closer to Sunni Islam than Shiite. ..

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